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Statistics for all teams

These are the best performances in all stoolball, based on scorecards added to this website. If you know someone who did better, you can add the scorecard for that match – see How to add match results.

Batting statistics

Highest individual scores
1M ChapmanAmberleyBarns Green4 Jul 11219*
2Lucy OrderFordcombe LadiesLeigh Ladies6 Jul 15186*
3Rebecca SteptoweBidborough LadiesStonewall Park8 Jun 15183*
=Rebecca SteptoweBidborough LadiesFour Elms6 Jul 15183*
5Rebecca SteptoweBidborough LadiesFour Elms23 Jul 14180*
6BryonyHartfield LadiesNutley Ladies29 Jun 15170*
7Rebecca SteptoweBidborough LadiesStonewall Park11 Jun 14167*
=Alison YaafeMaresfield LadiesHartfield Ladies18 May 15167*
9Lucy OrderFordcombe LadiesLangton Green18 Jun 14165*
10Lucy OrderFordcombe LadiesPenshurst Ladies28 Jul 14163*

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Most scores of 100 or more

Most scores of 50 or more

Most runs
1Clare McKnightAldingbourne Ladies804531
2Jessica ChallenBurpham1104481
3Rebecca SteptoweBidborough Ladies414146
4Linda MurrayClayton853440
5Hannah TomlinsonBurpham1253370
6Nicky IfouldAldingbourne Ladies983227
7Lucy OrderFordcombe Ladies393032
8Julie TesterBurpham1242826
9Lucy UnclesEast Preston502789
10Gill HemsleyNewick Ladies602704

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Best batting average
1Rebecca SteptoweBidborough Ladies40829.2
2N TuppenRingmer Ladies9536
3Sean PowerOwen Williams54305.29
4Anne HardwickLangton Green36288.11
5Julie GravettLindfield12218.5
6WendyNewick Ladies3179
7Steve WhittakerAmey4176
8BryonyHartfield Ladies14167.29
9Emma StantonBidborough Ladies32158.63
10Lee KenwardPegasus3158

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Batting strike rate

Bowling statistics

Best bowling performances
1Amanda CurryWinterfoldEasebourne2 May 12910
2Sue TargetHorshamYapton12 May 10921
3Amanda CurryWinterfoldStedham25 Jul 11926
4Claire HawkinsEast PrestonGoring Ladies22 Apr 1584
5Sue HuntMaresfield LadiesBluebells24 Jun 13817
6Amanda CurryWinterfoldEastergate Ladies13 Jun 11818
7Shelley Croydon-ElkinsClaytonBlackstone21 Jun 12823
8Claire HawkinsEast PrestonSouthwater22 Jul 13826
9A BlundenPulboroughAmberley18 Jun 12837
10Lucy UnclesEast PrestonWorthing and Ferring Ladies15 Jul 15838

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Most wickets
1Tina MartinAldingbourne Ladies106362
2Fiona BishopNewick Ladies63199
3Y PrattAmberley70176
4Claire HawkinsEast Preston56156
5Bryany BackshallClayton76152
6Julia GroutAlfold Ladies80127
7Pat WyattAldingbourne Ladies79123
8Georgie MoonBurpham105122
9Rick MasonMaresfield Mixed89117
10Karina CollierSlindon44107
=Sue HuntMaresfield Ladies60107

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Most times taking 5 wickets in an innings

Most wickets by a bowling and catching combination

Best bowling average
1SmedleyThe Plums33.6
2Adam FrostLewes Arms63.91
3Rick MasonLewes Arms34
4Amanda CurryStoolball England President's XI44.38
5Caitlin FlowerSteyning and District34.5
6Amanda CurryWinterfold135.51
7JjRobertsbridge Ladies35.8
8Bill KennedyLewes Arms36.33
9Katie GrinyerSteyning and District36.67
10PeteBrightling Mixed46.8

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Best economy rate
#PlayerTeamMatchesEconomy rate
1Amanda CurryStoolball England President's XI42.69
=Kerry HeallAshdown34
4Amanda CurryWinterfold134.11
5Kia LayneLindfield Juniors44.36
6Caitlin FlowerSteyning and District34.5
=SmedleyThe Plums34.5
8CaleyThe Plums34.67
9Alicia BrownClayton54.9
10Rick MasonLewes Arms35
=Gill HemsleyNewick Ladies55

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Best bowling strike rate
#PlayerTeamMatchesStrike rate
1JjRobertsbridge Ladies34.8
2Adam FrostLewes Arms65.09
3Rick MasonLewes Arms36.4
=SmedleyThe Plums36.4
=PeteBrightling Mixed46.4
6PaulIcklesham Mixed46.67
7AngelaScorpions Mixed57
8Michael StonerBrook Street97.3
9Gemma CheneyEducation47.67
10Adam TiffinPegasus38
=Amy IstedLewes Arms38
=Bill KennedyLewes Arms38
=C FlowerSteyning and District38
=Caitlin FlowerSteyning and District38
=Katie GrinyerSteyning and District38
=PatienceChailey Mixed38
=Rob SuchHartfield Mixed38
=Suzanne GreenTrojans38
=Jack PalmerMaresfield Mixed48
=PeterPett Mixed48
=PippaBrightling Ladies48
=SarahBrightling Ladies48
=AlanPett Mixed58

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Fielding statistics

Most catches
1Jessica ChallenBurpham11080
2Ginny IfouldAldingbourne Ladies10678
3Vanessa ChallenBurpham10568
4Emma StantonBidborough Ladies4160
=Sally BookerBroadbridge Heath6760
6Tina MartinAldingbourne Ladies10659
7Stuart ChappellMaresfield Mixed7357
8Mandy BrownClayton6553
=Wenda WilliamsonEast Preston9953
10Pat MannBurpham8452

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Most catches in an innings

Most run-outs
1Sean PowerOwen Williams5821
2Michelle TaylorOwen Williams4819
=Sally BookerBroadbridge Heath6719
=Helen BryceAlfold Ladies8419
5Paula BakerBroadbridge Heath4116
6Mandy McGachieOxshott3513
7Emma HaleyBroadbridge Heath6212
=Bernie HurstCharlwood Ladies3511
=Leah HeadBroadbridge Heath6311

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Most run-outs in an innings

All-round performance statistics

Most player of the match nominations
1Alison YaafeMaresfield Mixed8115
2Denise BargmanAlfold Ladies8314
3Jenny GroutAlfold Ladies8512
4Jo WellerBrook Street529
=Jordi SouthgateMaresfield Mixed759
6Louise WeatherlyAlfold Ladies378
7Chris BestBrook Street377
=Andy NewellMaresfield Mixed577
=Julia GroutAlfold Ladies807
10Neville PellsBrook Street146
=Andrew ElmsNutley Mixed226
=Ruth ArthurAlfold Ladies276
=SophieBeare Green326
=Charley Zilwood-HuntAlfold Ladies586

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Player of the match nominations

Player performances