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Donate a bat, get a free stoolball

If you’ve got an old stoolball bat you don’t need, donate it to Stoolball England and we’ll give you a brand new stoolball in exchange.

Have a look at the bottom of your team’s bat bag and pull out the ones that never get used, but which you still carry from match to match. It doesn’t matter what condition the bat is in – even bats broken in two can sometimes be repaired and used again. If you’ve got old stoolballs that are still usable, an old set of wickets, or other equipment you don’t need any more we’d love to have that too.

As well as getting a new stoolball for your team, you’ll help spread the sport. We’ll refurbish your equipment and lend it to schools or clubs which want to start playing stoolball, but need a little help to get started.

To donate your bat or any other equipment, contact any of our equipment agents – their details are on our Buy stoolball equipment from Stoolball England page.

If you’re just starting out and would like to borrow some second-hand equipment please contact us.