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Maresfield Mixed beat Brook Street, 10 May 2019


Who: Maresfield Mixed and Brook Street

When: 7pm, Friday 10 May 2019 sunset 8.35pm

Where: Maresfield recreation ground, Maresfield

Result: Maresfield Mixed win

Maresfield Mixed's batting
BatsmanHow outBowlerRunsBalls
Lesley Skibinskarun-out (Rob Weller)6
Paul Skerrycaught (Helen Dobson)Anna Wylie2
Andrew Hibbertcaught (Tom Wylie)Ian Dobson2
Harry Clewleycaught (Tom Wylie)Holly Weller8
Ali HallbowledJordan Remnant5
Sean Powerrun-out (Jo Weller)25
Becci Camiscaught (Jo Weller)Michael Stoner8
Alison Yaaferun-out (Holly Weller)31
Jordi Southgatecaught (Michael Stoner)Helen Dobson12
Rick Masonnot out9
Jane Masondid not bat
Jane Whitakerdid not bat
Sara Hobdendid not bat
No balls1
Brook Street's bowlers
BowlerOvOversMdMdnsRunsWkWktsEconEconomyAvgAverageS/RStrike rate
Anna Wylie2018191816
Ian Dobson1041448
Holly Weller1013113138
Jordan Remnant1071778
Lauren Bonwick-Adams1010010
Michael Stoner1018118188
Jo Weller10808
Tom Wylie10808
Helen Dobson1014114148
Rob Weller1013013
Adrian Rutherford10606
Brook Street's bowling, over-by-over
BowlerBallsWidesNo ballsRunsTotal
Anna Wylie80066
Ian Dobson800410
Holly Weller8201323
Jordan Remnant800730
Lauren Bonwick-Adams8001040
Michael Stoner8201858
Jo Weller820866
Tom Wylie811874
Helen Dobson8201488
Rob Weller81013101
Anna Wylie81112113
Adrian Rutherford8006119
Brook Street's batting
BatsmanHow outBowlerRunsBalls
Ian Dobsoncaught (Jordi Southgate)Harry Clewley8
Helen Dobsonrun-out7
Jordan Remnantrun-out2
Anna WyliebowledJane Mason2
Holly Wellercaught (Jordi Southgate)Lesley Skibinska15
Michael Stonercaught (Jordi Southgate)Lesley Skibinska18
Adrian Rutherfordcaught (Jordi Southgate)Harry Clewley28
Jo Wellerrun-out8
Lauren Bonwick-AdamsbowledJane Whitaker0
Tom Wylienot out15
Rob Wellernot out00
No balls5
Maresfield Mixed's bowlers
BowlerOvOversMdMdnsRunsWkWktsEconEconomyAvgAverageS/RStrike rate
Becci Camis10707
Harry Clewley2026213138
Jane Mason1061668
Rick Mason10606
Sara Hobden1013013
Paul Skerry1015015
Lesley Skibinska1082844
Andrew Hibbert1013013
Ali Hall10606
Sean Power1012012
Jane Whitaker1061668
Maresfield Mixed's bowling, over-by-over
BowlerBallsWidesNo ballsRunsTotal
Becci Camis80077
Harry Clewley8111219
Jane Mason801625
Rick Mason810631
Sara Hobden8101344
Paul Skerry8611559
Lesley Skibinska801867
Andrew Hibbert8121380
Ali Hall800686
Sean Power8001298
Jane Whitaker8006104
Harry Clewley80014118

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