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Statistics at Steyning Memorial Playing Field, Steyning


Batting statistics

Highest individual scores
1Katie ButlerSteyning and DistrictBarns Green10 Jul 17112
2Jessica ChallenBurphamSteyning and District15 Jul 1399
3L JukesSteyning and DistrictBroadbridge Heath22 Aug 1691*
=Hannah TomlinsonBurphamSteyning and District14 Jul 1491*
=Katie ButlerSteyning and DistrictBurpham8 Jul91*
6L JukesSteyning and DistrictRoffey13 May 1189*
7Louise JukesSteyning and DistrictPulborough24 Apr 1788*
8Lucy UnclesEast PrestonSteyning and District19 Jun 1787
9Louise JukesSteyning and DistrictBurpham4 Jun 1883*
=Louise JukesSteyning and DistrictAldingbourne Ladies29 Apr83*

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Most scores of 100 or more

Most scores of 50 or more

Most runs
1L JukesSteyning and District18855
2Louise JukesSteyning and District19770
3Vicky HollidaySteyning and District17509
4Katie ButlerSteyning and District12420
5Becki IvesSteyning and District18399
6B IvesSteyning and District12348
7Danielle FlowerSteyning and District22294
8Katie GrinyerSteyning and District7287
9Hannah TomlinsonBurpham7281
10Susie FlowerSteyning and District17267

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Best batting average
1M FoxSteyning and District3105
2Lauren WooldridgeEast Preston4101
3Jessica ChallenBurpham474.33
4L JukesSteyning and District1871.25
5Lucy UnclesEast Preston467
6Clare McKnightAldingbourne Ladies466.33
7Louise JukesSteyning and District1764.17
8Katie GrinyerSteyning and District757.4
9Hannah TomlinsonBurpham756.2
10Leah HeadBroadbridge Heath553.5

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Batting strike rate

Bowling statistics

Best bowling performances
1H MorrisSouthwaterSteyning and District15 Jun 157
2Caroline BellBroadbridge HeathSteyning and District8 May 17636
3Amy LidbetterBroadbridge HeathSteyning and District30 Jul 14653
4Tina MartinAldingbourne LadiesSteyning and District28 May 126
5Rachel CheneryEast PrestonSteyning and District18 Jun 18539
6H MooresSteyning and DistrictBroadbridge Heath11 May 155
=Claire MealingBurphamSteyning and District26 Jun 175
=Sally AlmondSteyning and DistrictBroadbridge Heath30 Jul 145
9S FornbySteyning and DistrictAmberley3 Jun 13422
10D FlowerSteyning and DistrictAmberley7 Sep 11431

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Most wickets
1D FlowerSteyning and District2442
2Danielle FlowerSteyning and District2224
=Sally AlmondSteyning and District2624
4Helen MooresSteyning and District1819
5Claire HawkinsEast Preston717
6H MooresSteyning and District2116
7S FlowerSteyning and District1713
=Susie FlowerSteyning and District1713
9Caitlin FlowerSteyning and District1812
10Natalie McdonaldSteyning and District811

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Most times taking 5 wickets in an innings

Most wickets by a bowling and catching combination

Best bowling average
1Rachel CheneryEast Preston310.4
2D FlowerSteyning and District612.07
3Karen LockEast Preston314.4
4Claire HawkinsEast Preston622.36
5Y PrattAmberley425.71
6S FlowerSteyning and District526.17
7Sally AlmondSteyning and District326.75
8Caitlin FlowerSteyning and District328.33
9Danielle FlowerSteyning and District530.83
10Susie FlowerSteyning and District334

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Best economy rate
#PlayerTeamMatchesEconomy rate
1D FlowerSteyning and District66.5
2S FlowerSteyning and District59.24
3Y PrattAmberley49.47
4Claire HawkinsEast Preston610.1
5Rachel CheneryEast Preston310.4
6Leah HeadBroadbridge Heath510.53
7S TurnerAmberley411.06
8Danielle FlowerSteyning and District511.56
9Sally AlmondSteyning and District311.89
10Karen LockEast Preston312

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Best bowling strike rate
#PlayerTeamMatchesStrike rate
1Rachel CheneryEast Preston38
2Karen LockEast Preston39.6
3D FlowerSteyning and District614.86
4Claire HawkinsEast Preston617.71
5Sally AlmondSteyning and District318
6Caitlin FlowerSteyning and District318.67
=Susie FlowerSteyning and District318.67
8Danielle FlowerSteyning and District521.33
9Y PrattAmberley421.71
10S FlowerSteyning and District522.67

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Fielding statistics

Most catches
1D FlowerSteyning and District2420
2Vicky HollidaySteyning and District1718
3Danielle FlowerSteyning and District2214
4Ruth ArthurBroadbridge Heath410
=Wendy AndersonBurpham710
6Caitlin FlowerSteyning and District189
=H MooresSteyning and District219
8Teresa MahonSteyning and District168
=Sally AlmondSteyning and District268
10Helen MooresSteyning and District187

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Most catches in an innings

Most run-outs
1Charlotte WhiteBarns Green11
=Freya BellBroadbridge Heath11
=Lucy UnclesEast Preston41
=Sally BookerBroadbridge Heath61
=Claire HawkinsEast Preston71
=Susie FlowerSteyning and District171

Most run-outs in an innings

All-round performance statistics

Most player of the match nominations
1Claire HawkinsEast Preston71

Player of the match nominations

Player performances

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