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Statistics at The cricket field, The Green, Horsted Keynes


Batting statistics

Highest individual scores
1Julie GravettLindfieldHorsted Keynes15 May 18126*
2SallyHorsted KeynesClayton & Ditchling15 Jul 13110*
3Grace BullBolneyHorsted Keynes21 Jun 16101
4SallyHorsted KeynesHurstpierpoint22 May 1898
5SharonHorsted KeynesClayton & Ditchling25 May 1083
6SharonHorsted KeynesLindfield15 May 1877
7Judy DrylandHurstpierpointHorsted Keynes17 Jun 1470*
8SharonHorsted KeynesHurstpierpoint17 Jun 1468*
9SharonHorsted KeynesBolney18 Jul 1768
10Julie GravettLindfieldHorsted Keynes19 May 1567*

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Most scores of 50 or more

Most runs
1SharonHorsted Keynes11557
2SallyHorsted Keynes12379
3SusieHorsted Keynes15326
4Julie GravettLindfield5293
5Linda MurrayClayton & Ditchling6213
6Lily BravoHorsted Keynes10196
7Kirsti ShawClayton & Ditchling7179
8Kia LayneLindfield Juniors4148
9Judy DrylandHurstpierpoint3140
=EmilyHorsted Keynes9140

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Best batting average
1Julie GravettLindfield5146.5
2JaneHorsted Keynes496
3SharonHorsted Keynes1079.57
4Kia LayneLindfield Juniors474
5Eva GilbertLindfield Juniors358
6SusieHorsted Keynes1246.57
7Claire TaylorHurstpierpoint342.33
8SallyHorsted Keynes1142.11
9Mandy BrownClayton & Ditchling439
10Liz FinchBolney336

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Batting strike rate

Bowling statistics

Best bowling performances
1Megan BucklandClayton & DitchlingHorsted Keynes12 May 15648
2JodieHorsted KeynesLindfield23 May 176
3Lauren GardinerBolneyHorsted Keynes26 Jun 18515
4Hollie HerbertLindfield JuniorsHorsted Keynes Juniors19 Jun 17538
5Di IrwinClayton & DitchlingHorsted Keynes25 May 10549
6Zoe FairhallHorsted KeynesClayton & Ditchling14 May 19553
7KarenHorsted KeynesClayton & Ditchling12 May 155
8Jodie BatchelorLindfieldHorsted Keynes11 Jun 19424
9Zoe FairhallLindfield JuniorsHorsted Keynes Juniors20 Jun 16431
10Kia LayneLindfield JuniorsHorsted Keynes Juniors20 Jun 16433

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Most wickets
1Lauren GardinerBolney514
=ZoeHorsted Keynes614
3GabrielleHorsted Keynes510
=Julie GravettLindfield510
5Zoe FairhallHorsted Keynes49
=Megan BucklandClayton & Ditchling69
7Zoe FairhallLindfield Juniors28
=Jodie BatchelorLindfield48
=Kia LayneLindfield Juniors48
10JodieHorsted Keynes37
=AmyHorsted Keynes107

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Best bowling average
1LindaHorsted Keynes313.67
2Kia LayneLindfield Juniors413.88
3Lauren GardinerBolney515.57
4Megan BucklandClayton & Ditchling516.11
5Julie GravettLindfield519.9
6Jodie BatchelorLindfield422.75
7Di IrwinClayton & Ditchling326.67
8Sonia DrylandHurstpierpoint330
9Jade GardinerBolney333
10Shelley Croydon-ElkinsClayton & Ditchling436

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Best economy rate
#PlayerTeamMatchesEconomy rate
1Kia LayneLindfield Juniors46.17
2Adele McPheeLindfield46.52
3Lauren GardinerBolney56.81
4Jade GardinerBolney37.07
5Julie GravettLindfield57.37
6Liz FinchBolney47.84
7Shelley Croydon-ElkinsClayton & Ditchling48
8LindaHorsted Keynes38.2
9Di IrwinClayton & Ditchling38.42
10Megan BucklandClayton & Ditchling59.06

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Best bowling strike rate
#PlayerTeamMatchesStrike rate
1LindaHorsted Keynes313.33
2Megan BucklandClayton & Ditchling514.22
3Kia LayneLindfield Juniors418
4Lauren GardinerBolney518.5
5Jodie BatchelorLindfield420
6Julie GravettLindfield521.8
7Sonia DrylandHurstpierpoint324
8Di IrwinClayton & Ditchling325.83
9Shelley Croydon-ElkinsClayton & Ditchling436
10Jade GardinerBolney337.33

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Fielding statistics

Most catches
1SusieHorsted Keynes1515
2CarolineHorsted Keynes99
3Kia LayneLindfield Juniors46
=Julie GravettLindfield56
=Sally BravoHorsted Keynes56
6Leonie IrwinClayton & Ditchling35
=Karen EdwardsBolney55
=SallyHorsted Keynes125
9Becki ClarkeHurstpierpoint34
=Lynn SandemanClayton & Ditchling44
=Millie HerbertLindfield Juniors44
=Megan BucklandClayton & Ditchling64

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Most catches in an innings

Most run-outs
1?Horsted Keynes12
=Julie GravettLindfield52
3Abbie BatchelorLindfield21
=Hollie HerbertLindfield Juniors21
=Louise CooperLindfield31
=Adele McPheeLindfield41
=Jodie BatchelorLindfield41
=Kia LayneLindfield Juniors41
=Lauren GardinerBolney51
=ZoeHorsted Keynes61

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Player performances

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