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Groombridge Ladies beat Speldhurst, 30 July 2014


Who: Groombridge Ladies and Speldhurst

When: 6.30pm, Wednesday 30 July 2014

Result: Groombridge Ladies win

Speldhurst's batting
BatsmanHow outBowlerRunsBalls
Sue ChalklinbowledMaggie Woolgar0
Marie WellsbowledLucy Smith50
Sophie Jonescaught and bowledMaggie Woolgar2
Diane O'Kanecaught (Karen Smith)Holly Court4
Libby Knightcaught (Karen Smith)Maggie Woolgar26
Donna Burdennot out15
Georgia Jarrettnot out1
No balls4
Groombridge Ladies's bowlers
BowlerOvOversMdMdnsRunsWkWktsEconEconomyAvgAverageS/RStrike rate
Maggie Woolgar5030361013.33
Lucy Smith603315.53348
Holly Court302919.672924
Abi Arnold201507.5
Groombridge Ladies's bowling, over-by-over
BowlerBallsWidesNo ballsRunsTotal
Maggie Woolgar80044
Lucy Smith800711
Holly Court8001021
Lucy Smith800728
Maggie Woolgar800432
Lucy Smith800436
Holly Court8211147
Abi Arnold800653
Maggie Woolgar800760
Lucy Smith800767
Holly Court800875
Abi Arnold800984
Maggie Woolgar820690
Lucy Smith801595
Maggie Woolgar8009104
Lucy Smith8003107
Groombridge Ladies's batting
BatsmanHow outBowlerRunsBalls
Karen Smithcaught (Diane O'Kane)Donna Burden52
Abi Arnoldcaught (Yvonne Harmer)Donna Burden44
Lucy Smithcaught (Donna Burden)Marie Wells7
Pru BarnesbowledLibby Knight25
Sue Courtcaught (Angela Richardson)Georgia Jarrett7
Holly Courtnot out3
Charlotte Arnoldnot out2
No balls3
Speldhurst's bowlers
BowlerOvOversMdMdnsRunsWkWktsEconEconomyAvgAverageS/RStrike rate
Gill Tickner201809
Angela Richardson2022011
Yvonne Harmer2027013.5
Marie Wells3027192724
Donna Burden302227.331112
Diane O'Kane10808
Libby Knight2016181616
Georgia Jarrett1071778
Speldhurst's bowling, over-by-over
BowlerBallsWidesNo ballsRunsTotal
Gill Tickner81099
Angela Richardson800817
Gill Tickner800926
Angela Richardson8001440
Yvonne Harmer8001151
Marie Wells8001263
Yvonne Harmer8001679
Marie Wells800988
Donna Burden800795
Marie Wells8106101
Donna Burden8006107
Diane O'Kane8108115
Donna Burden8009124
Libby Knight81011135
Georgia Jarrett8027142
Libby Knight8015147

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