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Statistics for Eastern Sussex Ladies Friendlies, 2017 season


Batting statistics

Highest individual scores
1HeidiIcklesham LadiesHooe Ladies6 Jul 17105*
2RachelIcklesham LadiesRobertsbridge Ladies24 Aug 1782*
3BethHooe LadiesIcklesham Ladies6 Jul 1764
4HeidiIcklesham LadiesRobertsbridge Ladies27 Aug 1763*
5HeidiIcklesham LadiesCatsfield Ladies8 Aug 1754
6LexCatsfield LadiesIcklesham Ladies8 Aug 1743*
7LisaPett LadiesIcklesham Ladies9 May 1742
8PennyRobertsbridge LadiesIcklesham Ladies27 Aug 1739
9CallumRobertsbridge LadiesIcklesham Ladies27 Aug 1738*
10TraceyIcklesham LadiesPett Ladies9 May 1736

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Most scores of 100 or more

Most scores of 50 or more

Most runs
1HeidiIcklesham Ladies7253
2RachelIcklesham Ladies6134
3BethHooe Ladies164
4HannahIcklesham Ladies658
5TraceyIcklesham Ladies753
6RaisaIcklesham Ladies452
7AngharadIcklesham Ladies550
8LisaPett Ladies245
=PennyRobertsbridge Ladies245
10LexCatsfield Ladies143

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Batting strike rate

Bowling statistics

Best bowling performances
1LilyBrightling LadiesIcklesham Ladies17 Aug 1727
=TraceyIcklesham LadiesRobertsbridge Ladies24 Aug 1727
3AngharadIcklesham LadiesPett Ladies9 May 1728
4MildredIcklesham LadiesCatsfield Ladies8 Aug 17212
5TomBrightling LadiesIcklesham Ladies17 Aug 17223
6KatieCatsfield LadiesIcklesham Ladies8 Aug 1715
=DonnaIcklesham LadiesPett Ladies14 Aug 1715
8SarahCatsfield LadiesIcklesham Ladies8 Aug 1716
9HeidiIcklesham LadiesRobertsbridge Ladies24 Aug 1718
=ClairePett LadiesIcklesham Ladies14 Aug 1718

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Most wickets
1TraceyIcklesham Ladies73
2LilyBrightling Ladies12
=TomBrightling Ladies12
=JackiePett Ladies22
=MildredIcklesham Ladies42
=TamsinIcklesham Ladies42
=AngharadIcklesham Ladies52
=HannahIcklesham Ladies62
9AbigailRobertsbridge Ladies11
=CallumRobertsbridge Ladies11
=CarolynBrightling Ladies11
=JoshPett Ladies11
=KatieCatsfield Ladies11
=LouPett Ladies11
=PippaIcklesham Ladies11
=SarahCatsfield Ladies11
=ClairePett Ladies21
=LouisePett Ladies21
=LynnPett Ladies21
=SharonPett Ladies21
=ZoeIcklesham Ladies31
=FreyaIcklesham Ladies41
=DonnaIcklesham Ladies51
=HeidiIcklesham Ladies71

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Most times taking 5 wickets in an innings

Most wickets by a bowling and catching combination

Best economy rate
#PlayerTeamMatchesEconomy rate
1RaisaIcklesham Ladies48.25
2DonnaIcklesham Ladies58.4
3AngharadIcklesham Ladies59.6
4HannahIcklesham Ladies610.29
5TamsinIcklesham Ladies410.6
6HeidiIcklesham Ladies710.89
7TraceyIcklesham Ladies711.29
8FreyaIcklesham Ladies411.75
9KateIcklesham Ladies512.6
10TomIcklesham Ladies513

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Fielding statistics

Most catches
1TraceyIcklesham Ladies73
2TomBrightling Ladies12
=TamsinIcklesham Ladies42
4AbigailRobertsbridge Ladies11
=JoBrightling Ladies11
=JoshPett Ladies11
=LexCatsfield Ladies11
=SamPett Ladies11
=SarahBrightling Ladies11
=SophiePett Ladies11
=AnyaPett Ladies21
=JackiePett Ladies21
=LisaPett Ladies21
=LynnPett Ladies21
=SarahRobertsbridge Ladies21
=ZoeIcklesham Ladies31
=MildredIcklesham Ladies41
=DonnaIcklesham Ladies51
=TomIcklesham Ladies51
=HannahIcklesham Ladies61
=HeidiIcklesham Ladies71

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Most catches in an innings

All-round performance statistics

Player performances

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