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Statistics for Eastbourne Consolation Cup, 2010 season


Batting statistics

Highest individual scores
1Chris BishopDPB WomblesWillingdon24 Jun 1083
2Tracy WallisDPB WomblesWillingdon24 Jun 1045
3Jason PooleyWillingdonBorough Ex Eds8 Jun 1032*
4S FowlerBorough Ex EdsWillingdon8 Jun 1026
5Jenine LeathersWillingdonBorough Ex Eds8 Jun 1021
6Nicky TaylorDPB WomblesWillingdon24 Jun 1016*
7Shane WhiteWillingdonBorough Ex Eds8 Jun 1016
8Derek BluntWillingdonBorough Ex Eds8 Jun 1010
9Mark CollinWillingdonDPB Wombles24 Jun 109*
10Claire HendryWillingdonBorough Ex Eds8 Jun 109
=Sue BruceWillingdonBorough Ex Eds8 Jun 109

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Most scores of 50 or more

Most runs
1Chris BishopDPB Wombles183
2Tracy WallisDPB Wombles145
3Jason PooleyWillingdon132
4S FowlerBorough Ex Eds126
5Shane WhiteWillingdon222
6Jenine LeathersWillingdon221
7Nicky TaylorDPB Wombles116
8Derek BluntWillingdon110
=Claire HendryWillingdon210
10Sue BruceWillingdon19
=Mark CollinWillingdon29

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Batting strike rate

Bowling statistics

Best bowling performances
1Nicky TaylorDPB WomblesWillingdon24 Jun 10622
2Phil MartinDPB WomblesWillingdon24 Jun 10425
3Julie ImpeyWillingdonBorough Ex Eds8 Jun 10440
4Alan CollinWillingdonBorough Ex Eds8 Jun 10313
5Mark CollinWillingdonBorough Ex Eds8 Jun 10326
6Grant ColemanBorough Ex EdsWillingdon8 Jun 10366
7Gail WatersBorough Ex EdsWillingdon8 Jun 10245
8Mark CollinWillingdonDPB Wombles24 Jun 10132
9Claire HendryWillingdonDPB Wombles24 Jun 10134
10Alan CollinWillingdonDPB Wombles24 Jun 10015

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Most wickets
1Nicky TaylorDPB Wombles16
2Julie ImpeyWillingdon14
=Phil MartinDPB Wombles14
=Mark CollinWillingdon24
5Grant ColemanBorough Ex Eds13
=Alan CollinWillingdon23
7Gail WatersBorough Ex Eds12
8Claire HendryWillingdon21

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