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Statistics for Chanctonbury Ladies' League, 2016 season


Batting statistics

Highest individual scores
1Lucy UnclesEast PrestonBroadbridge Heath6 Jun 16173*
2Nicky IfouldAldingbourne LadiesPulborough11 Jul 16110
3Jessica ChallenBurphamAmberley4 Jul 1696*
4Lauren WooldridgeEast PrestonPulborough20 Jun 1694*
5Lauren WooldridgeEast PrestonSteyning and District4 Jul 1694
6Beckie MabbuttBroadbridge HeathBurpham16 May 1693*
7L JukesSteyning and DistrictBroadbridge Heath22 Aug 1691*
=Clare McKnightAldingbourne LadiesPulborough11 Jul 1691*
9Louise BlundenPulboroughBarns Green18 Jul 1690*
10Lucy UnclesEast PrestonBurpham15 Aug 1689

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Most scores of 50 or more

Most runs
1Jessica ChallenBurpham10513
2L JukesSteyning and District9512
3Lucy UnclesEast Preston11500
4Louise BlundenPulborough11414
5C KeatesAmberley12336
6Ruth ArthurBroadbridge Heath11334
7Fran CrossleyBarns Green9333
8Jennifer LangmeadBurpham11314
9B IvesSteyning and District9311
10Clare McKnightAldingbourne Ladies4303

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Best batting average
1Clare McKnightAldingbourne Ladies4303
2Jessica ChallenBurpham10128.25
3K FoxSteyning and District3116
4Lucy UnclesEast Preston883.33
5L JukesSteyning and District973.14
6Lauren WooldridgeEast Preston566
7Georgie MoonBurpham1164
8Jennifer LangmeadBurpham1162.8
9Louise BlundenPulborough1151.75
10Claire HawkinsEast Preston451

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Batting strike rate

Bowling statistics

Best bowling performances
1Karina CollierAldingbourne LadiesEast Preston13 Jun 16638
2Tina MartinAldingbourne LadiesAmberley20 Jun 166
3J HooperPulboroughBroadbridge Heath9 May 16538
4Paula BakerBroadbridge HeathAldingbourne Ladies27 Jun 16544
5Heather WadeyAldingbourne LadiesPulborough11 Jul 165
=Tina MartinAldingbourne LadiesPulborough16 May 165
=Georgie MoonBurphamBarns Green22 Aug 165
=Georgie MoonBurphamPulborough5 Sep 165
=Y PrattAmberleyBarns Green25 Jul 165
=Y PrattAmberleyBarns Green6 Jun 165
=T MartinAldingbourne LadiesAmberley8 Aug 165
=A LockAmberleyAldingbourne Ladies20 Jun 165

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Most wickets
1Tina MartinAldingbourne Ladies927
=Georgie MoonBurpham1127
=Y PrattAmberley1427
4H StempAmberley1120
=Claire HawkinsEast Preston1220
6Lucy UnclesEast Preston1116
7Paula BakerBroadbridge Heath613
=Caroline BellBroadbridge Heath1013
9Heather WadeyAldingbourne Ladies511
=A GarnerBarns Green711
=Joanne GreenEast Preston811
=J HooperPulborough1011
=S TurnerAmberley1211

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Most times taking 5 wickets in an innings

Most wickets by a bowling and catching combination

Best bowling average
1Joanne GreenEast Preston511.89
2Lucy UnclesEast Preston712.5
3Claire HawkinsEast Preston817.15
4Paula BakerBroadbridge Heath618.62
5Karen LockEast Preston319.5
6Amy LidbetterBroadbridge Heath326.25
7Georgie MoonBurpham329.14
8Y PrattAmberley332.33
=Rachel CheneryEast Preston432.33
10Leah HeadBroadbridge Heath632.38

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Best economy rate
#PlayerTeamMatchesEconomy rate
1Claire HawkinsEast Preston87.19
2Lucy UnclesEast Preston78.33
3Lauren BatemanEast Preston79.14
4Paula BakerBroadbridge Heath69.31
5Leah HeadBroadbridge Heath69.59
6Joanne GreenEast Preston59.73
7Caroline BellBroadbridge Heath910.36
8Rachel CheneryEast Preston410.78
9Emma TurnerBroadbridge Heath611.19
10Emma HaleyBroadbridge Heath311.4

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Best bowling strike rate
#PlayerTeamMatchesStrike rate
1Joanne GreenEast Preston510.11
2Karen LockEast Preston312
=Lucy UnclesEast Preston712
4Amy LidbetterBroadbridge Heath316
=Paula BakerBroadbridge Heath616
6Claire HawkinsEast Preston819.08
7Georgie MoonBurpham319.43
8Y PrattAmberley321.33
9Rachel CheneryEast Preston424
10Caroline BellBroadbridge Heath926.33

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Fielding statistics

Most catches
1Wendy AndersonBurpham1314
=S PrattAmberley1414
3Sally BookerBroadbridge Heath1011
4S TurnerAmberley129
5Fran CrossleyBarns Green98
6Charlotte AdfieldEast Preston37
=Leanne LambBroadbridge Heath87
=C KeatesAmberley127
9Wenda WilliamsonEast Preston96
=Lucy UnclesEast Preston116

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Most catches in an innings

Most run-outs
1Sally BookerBroadbridge Heath108
2Lucy UnclesEast Preston113
3Susie FlowerSteyning and District11
=Amy LidbetterBroadbridge Heath91
=N BuckmanPulborough91
=Claire HawkinsEast Preston121

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