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Important reminder of covid-19 procedures to be adhered to.

Friday 17 July 2020, 9.54am

A gentle reminder of some of the more important procedures needed for the resumption of stoolball.

1. A contact register must be kept by the home team for 4 weeks after
the match. It must include everyone; players, scorers, umpires and
spectators. Their names and phone no’s must be recorded.

2. Social distancing should be adhered to at all times.
a. Chairs brought from home should be spaced out.
b. Players and umpires should be spaced out on the pitch.
c. No hugs or high-fives to be allowed as celebrations.

3. All shared equipment to be cleaned prior to use by another person.

For a sample “Contact register”, please download from:- https://www.stoolball.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/Post-Covid-19-contact-register.pdf