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STOOLBALL ENGLAND Civil Liability and Personal Accident insurance policies 2020

Tuesday 3 March 2020, 4.21pm

The renewal of the master policies issued to Stoolball England falls due on 1 March. Clubs are invited to participate in these policies by renewing your cover or applying for the first time if you haven’t previously availed yourself of the protection provided. You MUST confirm that your club will play by all of the Stoolball England rules including the age restriction rules. Open age means all forms of senior stoolball.

The cover provided by the Civil Liability policy remains at £10 million and the cost per club has risen slightly to £55.00.
Cover includes: –
Civil Liability arising out of injury to any 3rd person;
Civil Liability in respect of loss or damage to third party property;
Civil Liability in respect of nuisance and trespass;
Civil Liability in respect of libel and / or slander committed in good faith;
Civil Liability arising out of advice, tuition or coaching provided by any member of your club. This covers all Umpires, Scorers and Coaches etc.

The Personal Accident policy covers members aged between 5 and 80 (though benefits may reduce for certain age categories) playing or officiating and also members spectating at the club’s home or away fixtures. Please see Summary of Personal Accident Cover.

The premium for this PA policy is £5.00 (admin) plus £2.60 per club member (minimum of 14 senior members – equal to £41.40) plus junior members at £1 each.

Emails have been sent to all clubs and leagues that participated last year. If you wish to have insurance cover for the first time, please email richard@…