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Updated rules of stoolball for 2018-2020

Saturday 10 March 2018, 9.37pm

We review the rules of stoolball every three years, following consultation with affiliated leagues and associations. The updated rules of stoolball for 2018-2020 are now available online. Printed rule books will be available for purchase shortly.

A summary of the changes is as follows:

  • The rules use the words “batter” and “batters” throughout rather than “batsman” and “batsmen”.
  • Bats are now described as “made of wood” rather than “approved by Stoolball England” (rule 4.4).
  • Balls no longer have to be white (rule 4.5).
  • The rules on the wearing of protective clothing and equipment are updated (rule 4.7).
  • Bowlers may begin their run-up from behind the wicket in a mixed match, bringing them into line with ladies’ matches (former rule 7.8 is removed).
  • The wording of the wide rule is clarified, but its meaning remains unchanged (rule 9).
  • New restrictions come into force for players aged under 16 (rule 18).
  • There is also new advice on safeguarding for players aged under 16.