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Friday 8 December 2017, 10.57pm


Stoolball England Officers: Mrs Shirley Reed (President), Mr Richard Emsley (Chairman and Membership), Mrs Anita Broad (Vice-President and Research and Education), Mr Trevor Parsons (Treasurer, Insurance and Sales), Mrs Wendy Heal (Secretary), Mr Kelvin Speirs (Rules and Umpires), Mrs Genevieve Gordon (Governance and Legal), Rick Mason (Website), Lynda Buttifant (First Aid and Welfare Officer), Megan James (Youth Ambassador Kent),

Life Members: Mr John Price and Mrs Kay Price

Leagues, Associations and Clubs Represented

Surrey Ladies Stoolball Association: Mo Zeiher, Carla Punter

Mid Division (SCSA): Karen Speirs

Sussex County Umpires Association: Kelvin Speirs

North Division (SCSA): Debbie Martin, Wendy Heal, Anita Broad

Chanctonbury: Sally Booker, Geoff Laker

Coastal: Nicole Purkis

West Division (SCSA): Becky Hull

West Kent: Megan James

Central Division (SCSA): Elaine Berry

Sussex County Stoolball Association: Kay Price

Wessex Friendlies League: Shirley Reed

Mid Sussex Mixed League: Richard Emsley, Rick Mason and Trevor Parsons


  1. Chairman’s welcome and Introduction of New Board Members

Richard welcomed everyone to the 38th Annual General Meeting of Stoolball England.  He introduced some new Board Members

Genevieve Gordon – Sports Lawyer, responsible for governance and the legal regulations for the game of stoolball.

Megan James – Youth Ambassador for West Kent, currently at University, will be working on social media

Lynda Buttifant – experienced A&E Nurse, currently a matron at Bedes School, responsible for First Aid and our Welfare Officer.

Georgina Harrison Youth Ambassador for Sussex will be assistant treasurer and Sophie Dunn Youth Ambassador for Surrey will be assistant for stock control. Both were unable to attend the meeting.


  1. Apologies for absence

Sophie Dunn Youth Ambassador Surrey, Georgina Harrison Youth Ambassador Sussex, Sybil Voller North Division SCSA, Gwyn Griffith Surrey, Andree Hartnup Surrey, Barbara Parsons Central SCSA.

  1. Minutes of the 37th Annual General Meeting

The Minutes of the 2016 meeting were agree unanimously.


  1. Matters arising from those minutes

There we no matters arising

  1. Chairman’s Report

Richard presented his report for the year (see below)


  1. Treasurer’s Report: (detailed report and audited accounts can be found below)

Trevor reported that sales for the year were lower than in 2016, however an accurate stock take had taken place in 2017.

Insurance had made a loss during the year of £940.00, this is due to administration of the policy and not chasing up clubs for their premium, we are also down to 90 clubs taking out insurance and will be re-negotiating the 2018 policy based on this number, a lot of clubs have disbanded.

Changes for 2018 policy Public Liability to increase to £51.00 per club.

Clubs will be chased for payment

Broker to lower cover to 90 clubs

Insurance policy is still with Hiscox and Ace, the broker is Bennett Christmas in  Burgess Hill

The exhibition panels detailed on the balance sheet were purchased for an event at Weald & Downland Museum, and will be used at other events.

Stoolball England paid insurance for all clubs playing

Affiliation fees will be chased up in 2018

Trevor also reported that he has handed in 12 months’ notice as Treasurer, and 2018 will be his last and 10th year as treasurer

The Balance sheet was adopted

  1. Rules Review

This takes place every three years; the review took place on 29 October.

Gloves for Wicket Keeper are for protection only and not to aid catching.

The Glove is to be a close-fitting padded glove, with a smooth surface, such as wicket keeper’s inner glove, but not a cricket wicket-keeping glove or other catching mitt.

The Umpire must be the judge on the day to rule out any unfair advantage.

Stoolball England do not want to specify a particular brand of glove thereby making the cost prohibitive, and are not planning to hold a stock of gloves.

Should players wish to check suitability of gloves Stoolball England will be happy to confirm they are ok.

The Rules review was voted unanimously

Constitution – changes to

Item 7 – Accounts – Add “Online banking to be available for the Treasurer to pay authorised invoices”

Item 15 Anti-Doping Statement, change the words “UK Sport” to “UK Anti-Doping”.

Agreed unanimously

  1. Presentation of President’s Award

This award is given to recognise the contribution to stoolball made by the recipient over a period of time.  This year our President Shirley Reed presented her award to Wendy Heal, who has taken over the role of Secretary.

Wendy was absolutely thrilled to receive the award from Shirley and thanked her sincerely

  1. Election of Officers: Existing Post Holder

President:                               Shirley Reed (Not seeking re-election)

Nomination: Kay Price

Proposed: Stoolball England Committee

Seconded: Karen Speirs

Unanimously approved


Chairman:                              Richard Emsley (Not seeking re-election)

Nomination: Kelvin Speirs

Proposed: Stoolball England Committee

Seconded: Anita Broad

Unanimously approved

Vice-Chair:                            Anita Broad

Hon. Secretary:                     Wendy Heal

Hon. Treasurer:                    Trevor Parsons

 ** the 3 above positions were voted en bloc

Proposed: Stoolball England Committee

Seconded: Kay Price

Unanimously approved                      

Press and Publicity

Officer                                    Vacant

The job would involve writing press releases after events, Publishing events

Officers:                                 Richard Emsley, Rick Mason, Genevieve Gordon, Georgina Harrison, Sophie Dunn, Megan James, Lynda Buttifant, Toni Wheatley

**Michael Ledwich, and James Gardiner – Not standing for re-election

The meeting agreed to elect the Management Committee en bloc

Proposed: Stoolball England Committee

Seconded: Debbie Martin

Unanimously approved

  1. Election of New Vice Presidents:

Existing Vice-Presidents: Ann Peck, Marion Stanbrook, John Pritchett, Delia Saunders, Brian Johnson, Mick Cawley, Gwyn Griffith, Richard Emsley, Peter Cheeseman, Jenny Keates

Add: Mr Michael Ledwich

Proposed Stoolball England Committee,

Seconded Anita Broad,

Unanimously approved

The Committee will try to contact all the Vice Presidents during 2018

  1. Election of Life Members: Existing Life Members: John and Kay Price

Add Mrs Shirley Reed

Proposed: – John Price

Seconded: Anita Broad

Unanimously approved

  1. Appointment of Independent Examiner:

D A Clark & Co Ltd

Proposed: Trevor Parsons

Seconded: Wendy Heal

Unanimously approved

  1. Open Forum

 Richard showed the meeting a pitcher’s face mask and mentioned a hockey short corner mask both would be suitable for protection

Indoor balls were also shown, the Arresson one has a leather cover which may last longer than the plastic covered ones.

Richard also talked about some wickets he has made with drain pipes and patio bases he said the cost would be £50 for the regular sized one and £40.00 for the Junior ones.

Restriction on Young Players Policy was introduced – final detail and wording to follow

This includes Under 11year old players not being able to play in Open Aged games

and fielding and bowling restrictions for under 15’s

A registration form to be completed for all players under 16 years old, a form will be available on the Stoolball England Website.

Lynda Buttifant asked that any club who wanted to discuss welfare of young players to contact her, contact details can be found on the website.

Affiliation to Stoolball England means that all clubs/leagues and Divisions play to all the rules set out in the rule book.  There was a lengthy conversation regarding this and the issue of divisions/counties choosing which rules they implement and which rules that choose not to play by.  Stoolball England have offered to meet with any League/County to  discuss the implications of not playing by the rules and not being affiliated to Stoolball England.

Trevor Parsons will find out from the Insurance Broker if clubs/Leagues/Counties who have paid insurance but are not playing by Stoolball England Rules can be insured.

Stoolball England will ask  for proof of Insurance from any club who does  not buy Insurance through the Stoolball England Policy.

Genevieve Gordon will check on the legal aspect of umpires holding drugs for players (inhalers etc)

U21 Development Squad Day – Anita reported that this was held at Billingshurst for players who were nominated by their Division/County but were not selected for the England match.  We will be following this up with more specific indoor sessions in the new year.

A batting workshop is going to be put together to help players learn how to bat against Amanda Curry’s bowling.  Amanda is keen to help with this and Winterfold have offered their ground for this session.

England 2018 Matches

Sunday 29 July for the Over 50’s and Ladies game – venue to be confirmed

Saturday 14 July for the U21’s Sevenoaks School is being investigated as a possible venue.

Unfortunately, Ardingly is not available for the 2018 games, and it was felt that it would be a good idea to move venues each year.

Over 50’s East of England V West of England based on players’ home address either side of the A23, was a good day and both of the managers hoped that players have spread the word and more players will be nominated for the next game.

Selection Process for the England Game

A group of Selectors had been asked to watch games in 2017 and will also be asked to watch games in 2018, they will nominate players to Stoolball England.  Players will be invited to be part of the England Squad for 2018.  There may  also be workshops which selectors will  be asked to watch.

Coaching Programme – Anita Broad reported that she is working on a new coaching   programme with Helen Murdock who used to run the Level 1 courses and Becci Cammis who is an ex school games organiser.  They plan to apply for Sport England funding asap.

The Programme will have three levels

  • Stoolball Maker -Club Coaches
  • Advanced workshop for coaches who already have a level 2 qualification in another sport and want a stoolball specific qualification. As part of the course participants would be offered a voucher to purchase equipment from partner companies.
  • CPD workshop for primary schools and secondary schools involving young sports leaders.

The plan is to work with Kent Sport and Active Surrey and work within a secondary school near to existing clubs to spread the word with the idea of doing a showcase match at the Kent and Surrey School games. We are already doing the Sussex school games.

Sport England Funding criteria is for 14 – 25-year olds and getting them active.

Primary school bats were shown and are priced around £15.00 to £17, much cheaper than the more traditional bats and felt to be more cost effective for schools

Anita asked everyone at the meeting to discuss the coaching programme within their  clubs/leagues. She needs contacts in a secondary school in both Kent and Surrey, near to existing clubs, so she can go in and coach new sports leaders for the School Games.  Please contact Anita if you have any contacts, her contact details can be found on the website or on facebook.

New Indoor Stoolball Leagues

Horsham Indoor league has started with 8 clubs involved, the league will be starting again in January, more teams are welcome to join.

2 mixed indoor sessions have been held at Crowborough Leisure Centre and this league will start in January.

West Kent – we are looking at starting a ladies indoor league playing mid-week evenings

The meeting thanked Richard for his 3 years as Chairman and reminded everyone that he is staying on the committee.

The meeting closed at 1pm