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37th AGM of stoolball England held today

Sunday 27 November 2016, 9.43pm

Todays attendance at the Stoolball England AGM was deeply disappointing, with a number of affiliated leagues not attending. Sally Booker, Ruth Arthur and Debbie Martin all didn’t seek re-election to the Management Committee and I thank them for their services to stoolball in the past. We have one new person to join the MC and that is Georgie Harrison.
We hope that she will become a “Young Ambassador” for Stoolball England and help us to nurture the talent and enthusiasm that our youngsters surely have.
The President’s award went to our Treasurer, Trevor Parsons who has completed ten years as Treasurer and this last season also took on Sales. Below is my Chairman’s report to the AGM. It contains a lot of good points but also a concerning one, stoolball’s inability to develop and retain the stoolball that we have.