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Indoor and Junior Balls

Friday 16 September 2016, 1.45pm

Stoolball England now have a supply of indoor/junior balls. They are Safari Soft Touch balls in white or yellow. They are priced at £5. Please contact a member of Stoolball England to opbtain your’s.
Also, Stoolball England have decided not to stock Boundary Flags and Icepacks as they can be obtained elsewhere. There are other stockists but two contacts are listed below:-
Boundary Flags – http://www.newitts.com/product/PACK-41/PLAYM8_Plastic_Marking_Flags.htm
Ice Packs – https://www.icepacks4less.co.uk/Instant-Ice-Packs/Koolpak-Original-Instant-Ice-Packs
Good source for stakes for wickets – http://www.halfords.com/camping-leisure/camping/camping-accessories/halfords-groundhog-tent-pegs