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Donation of bats and balls to the Southborough & Kaniv Association

Wednesday 24 August 2016, 6.24pm

This week our Chairman has delivered two used bats and 6 used balls to Mr. Mike Handcock, Chairman of the Southborough & Kaniv Association. Mike lives in Bidborough and was given my name by Edward and Jenny Keates. SAKA exists as an un-official town twinning organisation. Kaniv is a town of approx. 20,500 in the middle of Ukraine. Mrs. Irina Dotsenko of Kaniv recently visited Mike and was introduced to stoolball at a Leigh v Bidborough game. The project wants to start a Kaniv Stoolball Club to give members of the community enjoyment playing the game whilst at the same time improving their fitness.
Their website is http://www.southboroughandkanivassociation.com
They also run the S.A.K.A. Lotto Club which has regular draws and costs £10 per entry. If anyone would like to join, please ring Mike on 01892 528495.