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Sunday 8 November 2015, 7.27pm

I hereby give notice of the 36th Annual General Meeting of Stoolball England to be held in the small meeting room at Rawson Hall, The Street, Bolney , West Sussex, RH17 5PF on Sunday 22nd November 2015 at 11am. Please notify all your League or Association members of this date. Any League, Association or Club in membership may attend this meeting, but only Stoolball England officers, Vice-Presidents and one representative from each affiliated body are entitled to vote.

Please note: The name of any member being nominated to become a Stoolball England Officer or a Vice-President should be submitted to me in writing 10 days before the meeting. Nominations will not be taken from the floor. When the agenda items have been concluded, there will be an open forum where affiliated members will have the opportunity to raise and discuss any matters of concern.

Refreshments will be available from 10.15am for everyone and I look forward to welcoming you to what I hope will be an informative as well as social occasion.

Please make every effort to come to the AGM. However, if for any reason you are not able to attend and cannot send a deputy, please contact me by telephone or in writing before the meeting. It is important for the wellbeing of the game that those of you who are involved in the organisation and structure of stoolball attend this meeting to express your views. I look forward to seeing you there.

Kind regards


Kay Price

Hon. Secretary, Stoolball England


to be held in the Rawson Hall, The Street, Bolney , West Sussex, RH17 5PF

on Sunday 22nd November 2015 at 11am.


  1. Chairman’s welcome
  1. Apologies for absence
  1. Minutes of the 35th Annual General Meeting
  1. Matters arising from those Minutes
  1. Chairman’s Report
  1. Treasurer’s Report
  1. Constitution: Copy of proposed document enclosed with AGM documents including details of the changes being made.
  1. Presentation of President’s Award
  1. *Election of Officers:    Existing Post Holders:

President:                Shirley Reed

Chairman:                Richard Emsley

Vice-Chairman:         Anita Broad

Hon. Secretary:        Kay Price (not seeking re-election)

                                                 Nomination: Sally Booker

                                                 Proposed:Stoolball England Committee

                                                 Seconded: Kay Price

Hon. Treasurer:        Trevor Parsons

A minimum of five Officers Melissa Mantle (resigned during the season and not seeking re-election),

Michael Ledwich, Rick Mason, Toni Wheatley, Ruth Arthur and Kelvin Speirs.

  1. *E1ection of New Vice-Presidents: Existing Vice-Presidents: Ann Peck,

Marian Stanbrook, John Pritchett,

Delia Saunders, Brian Johnson,

Mick Cawley, Gwyn Griffith,

Richard Emsley, Peter Cheesman,

Edward and Jenny Keates and Keith Younger

  1. Election of Life Members:             Nomination: John Price

                                                                    Proposed:Stoolball England Committee

                                                                    Seconded: Shirley Reed

                                                                    Nomination: Kay Price

                                                                    Proposed:Stoolball England Committee

                                                                    Seconded: Shirley Reed

  1. Independent Examiner:                David Stoner from D.A. Clark & Co. Ltd of Horsham