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Horsted Keynes win the Rest of the League tournament

Thursday 13 August 2015, 9.00am

This traditional tournament is for those teams not featuring in the event at Seaford and they were greeted with clear skies, perpetual sunshine and superb playing surfaces at Plumpton Green on Sunday 9 August 2015.

Particular praise and sincere thanks must go to the small group of umpires who officiated throughout a day of highly competitive stoolball in very testing and tiring conditions. With ten teams playing in two groups, stoolball was being played non-stop from 11 through to 6.30pm. As with most stoolball tournaments, the innings consisted of 4 overs and teams of 8 players, but runs came in large quantities as the ball raced over the fast outfields. In the last game of the round robin matches in Group 2 produced an amazing total of 175 runs as Yapton (91) just squeezed home against Maresfield (84).

Special mentioned must be made of Ansty who came back to competitive league stoolball earlier this year after a lapse of nearly 20 years, as they beat East Grinstead in their very first match of the day. Well done to all involved.

Rest of the League tournament 2015 at Plumpton Green

With some very close results in the early stages, Eastergate from West Division and Hosted Keynes from Central Division emerged as group winners to contest a final won deservedly by Horsted Keynes. The trophy for the second placed teams went to Yapton (West) as they narrowly beat Clayton (Central) by 6 runs in their final.

In presenting the trophies, Sussex President Kay Price thanked everyone who had contributed to the running of the competition, particularly the ladies from the Plumpton Stoolball Club for hosting the event and providing non-stop refreshments throughout the day and Rose and Fred Newland who raised over £200 on the raffle.

The individual awards for accumulated results achieved in the four group games went to Ali Yaafe (Maresfield) with 125 runs, Karen Speirs (Plumpton) with 5 wickets and Emma Bowes-Crick (Ashdown) with 5 catches.

Rest of the League tournament 2015 at Plumpton Green Rest of the League tournament 2015 at Plumpton Green Rest of the League tournament 2015 at Plumpton Green Rest of the League tournament 2015 at Plumpton Green Rest of the League tournament 2015 at Plumpton Green


Group One

Clayton 53 v Eastergate 55
Ansty 59 v East Grinstead 48
Clayton 68 v Ansty 46
Ashdown 37 v Eastergate 65
Ashdown 78 v East Grinstead 49
Ansty 45 v Eastergate 71
Clayton 65 v East Grinstead 39
Ashdown 73 v Ansty 47
Ashdown 47 v Clayton 67
Eastergate 76 v East Grinstead 20

Group Two

Maresfield 63 v Plumpton 65
Yapton 58 v Horsted Keynes 73
Plumpton 32 v Horsted Keynes 51
Balcombe 41 v Yapton 78
Plumpton 56 v Yapton 60
Maresfield 69 v Balcombe 75
Maresfield 68 v Horsted Keynes 77
Balcombe 45 v Plumpton 68
Maresfield 84 v Yapton 91
Balcombe 29 v Horsted Keynes 69

Losers’ final

Yapton 66 v Clayton 60

Rest of the League tournament final

Horsted Keynes 66 v Eastergate 52

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