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Angmering win Seaford tournament

Tuesday 11 August 2015, 6.43pm

Perfect weather with hot sunshine and an almost cooling sea breeze awaited all the top teams from the Sussex County Stoolball Association as they gathered for the 48th annual tournament at The Salts in Seaford on Sunday 2 August 2015. Playing in three groups, the teams got underway promptly at 11am and the games ran smoothly throughout the day without any major incidents.

Early results quickly suggested that Lindfield from Central Division, together with Loxwood and Angmering from the West Division would be winners of their respective groups and this proved to be the case as all three teams went through undefeated. Joining them in the semi-finals was Stone Cross from East Division who had scored the most runs in their preliminary matches edging out Bolney from Central Division and Fletching from North Division as the best placed runner-up.

Blue skies and crowds at The Salts in Seaford

Blue skies and crowds at The Salts in Seaford

In the first semi-final Loxwood found runs hard to come by against the Lindfield pace attack of Adele McPhee and Julie Gravett and they fell 10 runs short of Lindfield’s total of 49. In the second semi-final, Angmering raced through their four overs challenging the Stone Cross fielding and finishing with a score of 80. In reply Stone Cross fought hard but were limited to 53 runs.

In the final, Angmering batted first against some excellent Lindfield bowling and were held to their lowest score of the day when amassing 63 runs. In reply, Lindfield’s opening partnership responded well but they and subsequent batsmen were kept in check by some first class fielding and eventually fell 10 runs short of victory. This was an excellent final game.

This victory was the Angmering team’s fourth successive victory at Seaford and statistics also show that this was their 16th victory since their first appearance at Seaford back in 1992 – a record that any club could be proud of.

Lindfield played Angmering in the final

Lindfield played Angmering in the final

Angmering won the tournament

Angmering won the tournament


Group 1 (six overs per match)

Blackstone 74 v Loxwood 76
Fletching 78 v Loxwood 112
Ringmer 89 v Blackstone 87
Ringmer 58 v Loxwood 104
Fletching 73 v Ringmer 56
Blackstone 61 v Fletching 74

Group 2 (four overs per match)

Bolney 53 v Newick 52
Adastra 47 v United Friends 60
Newick 36 v Angmering 75
Adastra 52 v Bolney 56
Angmering 76 v United Friends 42
Adastra 48 v Newick 57
Bolney 67 v United Friends 47
Angmering 66 v Adastra 47
Newick 51 v United Friends 65
Angmering 76 v Bolney 49

Group 3 (four overs per match)

Lindfield 80 v Chiddingly 36
Isfield 60 v Stone Cross 66
Chiddingly 45 v Bluebells 36
Lindfield 55 v Stone Cross 44
Bluebells 39 v Isfield 74
Chiddingly 43 v Stone Cross 65
Lindfield 69 v Isfield 52
Bluebells 29 v Stone Cross 77
Chiddingly 45 v Isfield 79
Lindfield 58 v Bluebells 27


Loxwood 39 v Lindfield 49
Angmering 80 v Stone Cross 53


Lindfield 53 v Angmering 63

The Sussex President, Kay Price, thanked everybody for their support and help throughout the day and congratulated all teams on their excellent performances on the field, before presenting Melissa Mantle (the Angmering captain) with the winner’s trophy and Julie Gravett (captain of Lindfield) with the runners-up cup.

Other trophy winners

Most runs: Connie Chapman (Angmering) 166
Most wickets: Julie Gravett (Lindfield) 8
Most catches: Katie Grinyer (Blackstone) 4

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