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Oathall wins Sussex Schools Year 7/8 tournament

Wednesday 8 July 2015, 12.45pm

On Wednesday 1 July 2015, the hottest day of the year, Stoolball England’s annual tournament for Years 7/8 pupils in Sussex Secondary Schools was again held at Plumpton Cricket Club. As a result several teams wisely brought gazebos with them to provide additional shade in between matches.

The 9 teams were divided into two groups playing on three pitches with play starting at 10am with each match consisting of 4 overs per innings. In order to speed up the matches, no balls and wides yielded three runs but no extra balls, and all the bowling took place from just one end with the batsmen changing over at the completion of each over play moved smoothly throughout the day.

The day started with a classic tied game between Bishop Bell from Eastbourne and Holy Trinity from Crawley with each team scoring 40 runs. Millais from Horsham laid down an early marker as they beat Downlands from Hassocks by 11 runs.

In the next round, we saw the two highest scores of the day as Ringmer posted 98 against St Paul’s from Burgess Hill while Oathall A from Haywards Heath piled on 91 runs against Bishop Bell.

With six preliminary rounds completed, St Paul’s, Millais, Ringmer and Oathall A emerged as the day’s leading teams with Ringmer and Oathall A going through to a very good final. Batting first, Ringmer batted steadily and scored 63 runs in their four overs and for three overs of the Oathall A innings the match was very evenly balanced leaving the batting side to score 14 in their last over. However in the final over some stunning batting which produced five 4s, a single and two 6s saw the Oathall team leap into the lead and take the title. The challenge shield was presented to their captain by Richard Emsley, the new Chairman of Stoolball England, the governing body of the game.


Millais 61 v Downlands 50
Bishop Bell 40 v Holy Trinity 40
St Paul’s 55 v Sackville 41
Oathall B 27 v Ringmer 86
Oathall A 91 v Bishop Bell 46
Downlands 51 v Holy Trinity 34
Sackville 62 v Oathall B 57
Oathall A 72 v Millais 45
St Paul’s 32 v Ringmer 98
Bishop Bell 31 v Millais 68
Oathall B 47 v St. Paul’s 76
Oathall A 57 v Downlands 50
Ringmer 61 v Sackville 44
Holy Trinity 45 v Millais 52
Bishop Bell 35 v Downlands 63
Oathall A 52 v Holy Trinity 37


Oathall A 68 v St. Paul’s 55
Ringmer 58 v Millais 36


Oathall A 81 v Ringmer 63

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