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Bluecoats win Set4Success tournament

Monday 27 July 2015, 7.35pm

The idyllic setting of the Mound playing field surrounded by trees and interspersed with “bee encouragement” plots full of cornflowers, poppies and daisies at Christ’s Hospital, Horsham was the perfect setting for the inaugural fund raising Set4Sussex stoolball tournament on Friday 10 July 2015.

A very warm evening saw play get underway on four pitches with teams representing All Types of Mortgage (AToM), Regency Restorations, Sony DADC, Spofforths, D. Durrants Removals, Bluecoats Sports Health and Fitness Club, Broadbridge Heath Leisure Centre and Team Pub.

As memories of playing at school slowly got into the psyche of those recovering from a hard day’ work, so the runs started to flow.  Energy and not a little skill were starting to flow in abundance as members of both sexes started to send the ball to all corners of the field.  Enjoyment and success were being shared in full alongside frustration and disappointment, but happiness, bonding and boundless enjoyment was the keynote of the evening.

The two groups of 4 teams eventually produced four semi-finalists BBH LC, Regency, Team Pub and Bluecoats and following two very closely fought games, Regency and Bluecoats reached the final.

Batting first, the young bloods from Bluecoats batted well to make 82 runs in their four overs.  In reply, Regency went all out for the win and by the end of the first over were ahead of the required run-rate.  However, sharp fielding, canny bowling and tiring legs eventually left them 10 runs short of victory leaving the hosts of the evening as the first ever winners of the Set4Sussex stoolball tournament.


BBH Leisure Centre 69 v Durrants 51

Team Pub 64 v Swingers 40

Bluecoats 58 v Regency 87

AToM 49 v Sony DADC 77

BBH Leisure Centre 56 v Team Pub 54

Durrants 50 v Swingers 56

Bluecoats 87 v Sony DADC 43

Regency 74 v AToM 53

Team Pub 58 v Durrants 32

Swingers 41 v BBH Leisure Centre 58

Regency 92 v Sony DADC 66

Bluecoats 78 v AToM 54


BBH Leisure Centre 71 v Bluecoats 76

Regency 85 v Team Pub 63


Bluecoats 82 v Regency 72

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