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Playing stoolball while pregnant – a query at the AGM

Tuesday 9 December 2014, 2.29pm

We were asked for guidance and advice at the AGM on playing stoolball while pregnant. This subject first cropped up in 2003 when we commented in our Spring 2003 newsletter. At the time there were very few sports that actually had anything to say about pregnancy.  Netball was one of the few, in Australia and New Zealand. The conclusion was that the risk of traumatic injury to a mother or foetus during sport or physical activity is theoretical and very small.

Our conclusions were:-

1) A player should consider the increased risks to themselves and baby and consult their GP.

2) She should inform the opposing team of her condition.

3) Remember that the ultimate decision to participate in stoolball will always be hers, whilst having regard to all the circumstances.

Further reading can be found in the following documents from British Softball Federation, Netball Australia and Netball New Zealand.

BSF Pregnancy Guidance Full

NA Pregnancy-Policy-Effective-1-Jan-2014

NNZ Pregnancy Guidelines 2009