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England teams named

Sunday 21 September 2014, 8.54pm

Selectors watched and made notes at Horsham Cricket Club today (21 September) as players, nominated by their leagues and associations, competed for places in the England and President’s XI sides for 28 September. The day started with fitness training, followed by catching and fielding exercises led by a team of professional cricket coaches, and finally practice matches for everyone to show off their skills. Now, the results are in.

England Under-21s in training

England Under-21s in training – click for more photos

England Ladies

  1. Sue Targett – Captain (Horsham and West Division, SCSA)
  2. Becky Steptowe (Bidborough and Kent)
  3. Annaliese West – Wicketkeeper (Fordcombe and Kent)
  4. Lucy Order (Fordcombe and Kent)
  5. Toni Wheatley (Burwash and East Division, SCSA)
  6. Jo Meacher (Fletching and North Division, SCSA)
  7. Sue Cable (United Friends and East Division, SCSA)
  8. Yazmine Marten-Brown (Ditchling and Mid Division, SCSA)
  9. Emma Allen (United Friends and East Division, SCSA)
  10. Adele McPhee (Lindfield and Central Division, SCSA)
  11. Karen Smith (Groombridge and Kent)


  1. Fiona Bishop (Newick and North Division, SCSA)
  2. Susie Harrison (Ditchling and Mid Division, SCSA)

The President’s XI Ladies

  1. Kim Smith – Captain (Fordcombe and Kent)
  2. Amanda Curry (Winterfold and West Division, SCSA)
  3. Lucy Uncles – Wicketkeeper (East Preston and Coastal League)
  4. Sarah Oram (Dorking and Surrey)
  5. Carla Leach (Isfield and Mid Division, SCSA)
  6. Samantha Le-Lievre (Newick and North Division, SCSA)
  7. Sarah Hanham (Fletching and North Division, SCSA)
  8. Fiona Kilfeather (Rudgwick and West Division, SCSA)
  9. Mandy McGachie (Oxshott and Surrey)
  10. Nichola Goman (Yapton and West Division, SCSA)
  11. Kelly Slater (Rudgwick and West Division, SCSA)


  1. Jess Collier (Slindon and Coastal League)
  2. Karen Wakefield (East Preston and Coastal League)

England Ladies Under-21s

  1. Charley Zillwood-Hunt – Captain (Alfold and Surrey)
  2. Georgina Harrison – Wicketkeeper (Ditchling and Mid Division, SCSA)
  3. Dolly Culver (Worthing and Coastal League)
  4. Megan Bruce-Smythe (Ashurst and Blackham and Kent)
  5. Chloe Oakes (Winterfold and West Division, SCSA)
  6. Gabrielle Fitzsimons (Horsted Keynes and Central Division, SCSA)
  7. Lily Bravo (Horsted Keynes and Central Division, SCSA)
  8. Chelsea Henderson (Horsted Keynes and Central Division, SCSA)
  9. Rhianna Stevens (North Holmwood and Surrey)
  10. Donna Cottingham (Newick and North Division, SCSA)
  11. Jasmine Rushin (Wisborough Green and West Division, SCSA)


  1. Amy Isted (Barcombe and Mid Division)
  2. Alicia Hurst (Worthing and Surrey)

The President’s XI Under -21s

  1. Hayleigh Gorringe – Captain (Stone Cross and East Division, SCSA)
  2. Sophie Dunn (South Park and Surrey)
  3. Lottie Batchelor (Horsted Keynes and Central Division, SCSA)
  4. Jenny Brown (Oakwood Hill and Surrey)
  5. Meg James (Causeway Ladies and Kent)
  6. Angharad Hills (Barcombe and Mid Division, SCSA)
  7. Becky French (Penshurst and Kent)
  8. Eloise Saunders (Fletching and North Division, SCSA)
  9. Annie Lyons (Fletching and North Division, SCSA)
  10. Emily Fuller (Horsted Keynes and Central Division, SCSA)
  11. Holly Holder (Ditchling and Mid Division, SCSA)


  1. Melissa Womersley (Balcombe and Central Division, SCSA)
  2. Charley Whitehead (Fletching and North Division, SCSA)

Congratulations to all those selected. You can see some photos from today’s event on our Facebook page.

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