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Minutes of the 34th Annual General Meeting

Saturday 21 December 2013, 6.24pm

The 34th Annual General Meeting of Stoolball England was held in the Renshaw Room, Wivelsfield Village Hall on Sunday 24 November 2013 at 11am.


Stoolball England officers:

  • Shirley Reed (President)
  • John Price (Chairman)
  • Kay Price (Hon. Secretary)
  • Trevor Parsons (Hon. Treasurer)
  • Rick Mason (Website Administrator)
  • Sally Booker (Stoolball Academy)
  • Anita Broad (Research and Education)
  • Richard Emsley (Membership)


  • Richard Emsley
  • Gwyn Griffith
  • Delia Saunders
  • Edward Keates

Leagues, associations and clubs represented:

  • Chanctonbury Ladies Stoolball League: Sally Booker and Nathan Booker
  • Coastal Ladies Stoolball League:  Vanessa Challen and Wendy Andersen)
  • Mid Sussex Mixed League:  Rick Mason and Richard Emsley
  • Surrey Ladies Stoolball Association (SLSA):  Gwyn Griffith and Rose Cumber
  • Sussex County Stoolball Association (SCSA): Daphne Hunt
  • Central Division (SCSA):  Elaine Berry, Gerry Miller and Barbara Parsons
  • Mid Division (SCSA):  Joy Mans
  • North Division (SCSA):  Sybil Voller, Gill Hemsley, Debbie Martin and Anita Broad
  • West Division (SCSA):  Fred Newland and Rosemary Newland
  • Wessex Friendly Group:  Shirley Reed
  • West Kent Ladies Stoolball League:  Anne Hardwick, Edward and Jenny Keates

1. Chairman’s welcome

The Chairman welcomed everyone to the 34th Annual General Meeting of Stoolball England and began by thanking all those people who contributed to the success of the season.

2. Apologies for absence

  • Becky Hull (Vice-Chairman)
  • Melissa Mantle (Stoolball England Coaching Development and Chief Coaching Examiner)
  • Michael Ledwich (Insurance and Governance)
  • Toni Wheatley (East Sussex Friendly Teams Co-ordinator)
  • Ruth Arthur (Coaching Development)
  • Kelvin Speirs (Umpires and Rules Co-ordination)
  • Mr and Mrs Barry Bertin (Sussex County Stoolball Association)
  • John Pritchett (Vice-President)

3. Minutes of the 33rd Annual General Meeting

The Chairman briefly went through the minutes of the 2012 Annual General Meeting. Acceptance of the minutes were proposed by Gwyn Griffith, seconded by Shirley Reed and unanimously approved by the meeting.

4. Matters arising

There were no matters arising from the 2012 Annual General Meeting minutes.

5. Chairman’s report and monthly summary of activities

The chairman’s report, together with a summary of Stoolball England activities during the past year, had previously been circulated with the meeting agenda to all the affiliated leagues and associations in membership and further copies were made available at the meeting.   The chairman went through his report highlighting the most important events and emphasising the valuable contribution made by members of the management committee.

He spoke of the number of community days that Stoolball England had attended during the summer and commented on the difference the batting cage had made at these events.  He said that although the programme they had undertaken had been exhausting, it had been very worthwhile.  However it could not have been achieved without the help of Trevor Parsons, Rick Mason, Anita Broad and a number of volunteers from the Newick and Nutley Stoolball Clubs.  The highlight of the season had been the inclusion of under 21 and over 50 matches which preceded the replaying of the England v President’s match at the end of September.  All these fixtures have been very well received and well attended and he thanked everyone in the stoolball world for their support.

He praised the work of Sally Booker in setting up the Junior Stoolball Academy at the Broadbridge Heath ground.  He also spoke of the intention to play a similar senior mixed England v President’s match in 2014 and stated that a suitable ground was being sought.

Finally, the chairman advised the meeting that the players in the England and President’s XI ladies team had presented members of the management committee with vouchers in gratitude for all the work that had been put into staging the matches.  The vouchers have been used to purchase appropriate alcoholic Christmas refreshment and chocolates which were presented to the committee members present and the remainder will be passed on to absent members.

Acceptance of the Chairman’s report was proposed by Shirley Reed, seconded by Gwyn Griffith and was unanimously approved.

6. Treasurer’s report

The treasurer, Trevor Parsons, told the meeting that the Stoolball England accounts were in a very healthy state even though for the first time they were showing a deficit of £1,990.  This deficit was mainly due to the money that had been spent on coaching where the expenditure outweighed the income plus there was a larger amount of depreciation shown in the accounts.  However, we are still in a very strong position with an equipment stock of £8,000.

The treasurer was given a vote of thanks by the meeting and acceptance of the accounts was proposed by Sally Booker, seconded by Rick Mason and unanimously approved.

7. Constitution

Details of amendments to Item 2 Aims and Objectives (an additional statement added), Item 9 Accounts (the addition of a fourth signatory) and Item 15 Dissolution (amendment to wording in 2nd paragraph).  The reasons for these changes were explained to the meeting by the secretary and acceptance of these amendments was proposed by Anita Broad, seconded by Richard Emsley and unanimously approved.

8. Presentation of president’s award

First instigated in 2009, this annual award is made by our president, Shirley Reed, to the person whom she feels has contributed most to stoolball over a period of time.  This year the overwhelming choice was Anita Broad who obtained a heritage lottery award earlier this year.  Together with a number of colleagues, she has spent the summer term at four schools local to Uckfield – Harlands, St. Mark’s, Hadlow Down, Framfield and Newick.

The objective of the project was to encourage the children to play stoolball in school; for them to learn about the history and heritage of the game and connect with the local community; to deliver cross-curricular workshops based on stoolball and the local area and finally to give the staff at these schools the confidence to use stoolball as a sport in their school. One of the workshops included a visit to the bat manufacturers Gray-Nicolls which all the children enjoyed.  In conclusion, all four schools took part in a successful stoolball tournament at The Weald & Downland Open Air Museum at Singleton.

Anita was absolutely delighted with her award and she expressed her sincere thanks and pleasure to Shirley Reed at receiving this award.

9. Election of officers

  • President:  Shirley Reed – Proposed:  John Price, Seconded:  Kay Price, Unanimously approved
  • Chairman:  John Price – Proposed:  Shirley Reed,Seconded:  Rick Mason, Unanimously approved
  • Vice-Chairman: Richard Emsley – Proposed:  John and Kay Price, Seconded:  Gwyn Griffith, Unanimously approved
  • Hon. Secretary: Kay Price – Proposed:  Gwyn Griffith, Seconded:  Sally Booker, Unanimously approved
  • Hon. Treasurer: Trevor Parsons- Proposed:  Gwyn Griffith, Seconded:  Sally Booker, Unanimously approved
  • Officers:
    • Melissa Mantle
    • Toni Wheatley
    • Michael Ledwich
    • Rick Mason
    • Becky Hull
    • Ruth Arthur
    • Kelvin Speirs
    • Anita Broad
    • Sally Booker

    The officers of the Stoolball England management committee were elected en bloc, proposed by Delia Saunders, seconded by Anita Broad and unanimously approved.

10. Election of new vice-president

It was proposed to add Mrs Jenny Keates from West Kent Ladies Stoolball League to the list of vice-presidents in recognition of the work that she has done over a long period of time within her league in Kent and also for her services to the National Stoolball Association, now known as Stoolball England.  She was proposed by John Price, seconded by Kay Price and unanimously approved.

11. Independent examiner

Stoner, Cottingham of Horsham were proposed by Trevor Parsons, seconded by Sally Booker and unanimously approved.

There being no further business, the meeting closed at 11.45am.

Kay and John Price
Stoolball England
25 November 2013

After the meeting…

Following the conclusion of the Annual General Meeting, all members were encouraged to bring up topics they wished to discuss.

  • Memorabilia:  A request from chairman, John Price that he would welcome stoolball memorabilia, old bats, balls, scorebooks, photos and press cuttings etc.
  • Elaine Berry, Central Division, SCSA congratulated Stoolball England on the series of England games at the end of the season and wanted to know more about the selection policy for the Under-21 game.  After discussion, it was agreed that information does not always filter down to club level and this needed to be addressed for future games.  Members were also notified that a mixed England v President’s game was being planned for 2014.
  • Equipment agent:  It was noted that after valued service over a number of years, Barbara Fitzpatrick would not be continuing in this role next season and a replacement was needed.  Members present from north and mid Sussex were asked to look for possible candidates in their leagues/divisions.
  • Members were also notified that the Stoolball England accreditation scheme was being updated to bring it into line with the nationally approved Club Mark scheme.  Trevor Parsons and the Adastra Stoolball Club were currently working with Active Sussex to achieve this.
  • Colourful, more mobile wickets for primary schools and community events:  Stoolball England is currently working with several outlets to achieve wickets which can be easily transported in a zip-up container.  As an example, Richard Emsley showed members a wicket made entirely from plastic drainpipes except for the wicket face which was very impressive.

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