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Minutes of Management Committee Meeting, October, 2013

Sunday 3 November 2013, 7.40pm

The Management Committee of Stoolball England met at 53 Kings Road, Horsham, on Monday 21 October 2013 at 7.45pm. The meeting included a presentation from James Gardiner, SKiL (Springing Kids into Life) CIC. Topics discussed included club accreditation, England Ladies matches, heritage project, stoolball academy, community events, Women’s Sports Net, Midhurst-Rother College coaching, Small Awards funding and Safeguarding course.

1. Present: Shirley Reed (President), John Price (Chairman), Becky Hull (Vice-Chairman), Kay Price (Secretary), Trevor Parsons (Treasurer), Rick Mason (Website Administrator), Ruth Arthur (Coaching Development), Sally Booker (Schools Academy Manager) and Anita Broad (Research and Education).

Meeting with Michael Ledwich: The Chairman and Secretary met up with Michael Ledwich immediately prior to the meeting and he confirmed that he will continue with the administration of insurance and governance next year and will create a document on succession planning.

2. Apologies for absence: Richard Emsley (Membership) and Kelvin Speirs (Rules and Umpires).

3. Presentation from James Gardiner, SKiL (Springing Kids into Life) CIC.
James introduced himself to the Management Committee. He plays mixed stoolball in the Lewes area and trained as a primary schoolteacher but became frustrated at the lack of PE in primary schools. His plan involves promoting and teaching a range of activities including stoolball, both during curriculum time and through after school clubs which are seen as having the potential to fund the cost of curriculum teaching. He would like to be affiliated to Stoolball England so that he and his group of PE teachers can coach/develop/promote the game of stoolball in primary schools. Details of the need to have appropriate Insurance was covered, as well as Child Protection, First Aid, CRB, Coaching qualifications and Equipment. The possible production of a “zipped up” package of brightly coloured, collapsible, base weighted wickets which would be more suitable for use in primary schools than our standard adult wickets was seen as a useful training aid.

4. Minutes of the last Management meeting: The minutes of the last meeting were approved and signed as a true record.

5. Matters arising: There were no matters arising that would not be dealt with later in the agenda.

6. Treasurer’s report: Trevor Parsons took the meeting through the balance sheet which showed that Stoolball England is in a good financial position. Equipment sales were good; the coaching and umpire/scoring courses were well attended; the school coaching programme went well and the latest financial report from the England matches in September show the expenses were covered. The Treasurer was congratulated on an excellent year’s work.

7. Club Accreditation: The latest position is that the Stoolball England Welfare policy document needs to be updated. This will be worked on before the end of the year.

8. England ladies matches: John Price showed the committee the tokens to the value of £50 which had been received from the England teams in grateful thanks to everyone for all their hard work. The committee very much appreciated the gesture. All the Management Committee worked hard on the day covering a multitude of duties but it was agreed that more volunteers were required to help on future occasions. From comments heard on the training day, it seemed that a number of players dreaded the thought of taking part but, having done so, really enjoyed the experience.

9. Management Committee members reports:

(a) Sally Booker – Horsham Junior Stoolball Academy: She will be working with Kimberley Roberts from Horsham District Council to publicise the Horsham Academy. Kimberley is involved in the production of the “Up for It” booklet which is circulated to primary and junior schools in the Horsham area.
(b) Anita Broad – Heritage project: The second portion of funding money has now been received. Anita reported that where money had been saved during the course of the project, with the permission of the funding assessors, she is planning to buy exhibition panels which will be useful to publicise and promote the game at future events. The committee agreed with this expenditure. She also reported that a film about the project is underway and should be available in the near future.

10. Any other business:

(a) Women’s Sports Net: This is a “not for profit” organization led by Paul Reynolds with whom we connected via Twitter. He is interested in stoolball as a game to introduce to other groups of ladies, in particular those whose sports or activities are carried out in the winter months, e.g. Zumba and Lacrosse, so that they can remain active during the summer. He met up with Anita Broad and John and Kay Price who will keep in close contact with him to further this connection.
(b) Shirley Reed – Midhurst-Rother College: Shirley has been approached by Teacher, Hayley Kemp, who would like a Stoolball England coach to visit them for a coaching session in the summer term. The college would also like us to help them organise a stoolball tournament with other schools in the area. It was agreed that Stoolball England would support this project.
(c) Kay Price – Small Awards funding: This funding award enabled Stoolball England to purchase a batting cage, bowling machine and banners and use them to publicise and promote the game at a number of community sports events throughout the summer months in 2013 and finally to introduce national matches which were played at Horsham Cricket Club. With the aid of an extension which was necessary due to the dreadful summer in 2012, the results of this funding scheme need to be sent in to the funding group for assessment at Sport England.
(d) Safeguarding course: Five coaches attended this course at The Holbrook Club in Horsham which was very disappointing. However our course tutor, Helen Murdock, provided all present with an uplifting and thoroughly interesting evening.
(e) AGM items: Three items of the Constitution need to be approved, two as a result of changes requested as a result of The Heritage Lottery funding bid and the third one is the addition of a fourth signatory.
(f) Five Year Plan: The previous five year plan has just expired and a new set of objectives, short term, medium and long term, are required. Committee members have been asked to study the previous document and suggest some new ones.
(g) Letter from Surrey Ladies Stoolball Association: There were two items for discussion in the letter – coaching from the boundary at U.17 and U.21 matches by a coach/manager and photos taken at a stoolball game which are placed on either the Stoolball England website or social websites. Both items were discussed and the conclusions conveyed to the Surrey Chairman.
(h) Rick Mason: Request that a check is made on the copyright of our DVDs.

Dates for your diary in September:
24 November – Stoolball England’s 34th AGM in Renshaw Room at Wivelsfield Village Hall at 11am.
Coffee, biscuits and cake available from 10.15am

There being no further business, the meeting closed at 11pm.