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A sincere thank you from John and Kay Price

Thursday 3 October 2013, 7.32pm

With all the wonderful magic of modern media, we are sure there are much slicker ways of saying “thank you” to all the people who have worked so hard to help stoolball and stoolballers enjoy the last three weekends of England training and matches at the beautiful Horsham Cricket club ground. We were blessed with pretty good weather and in all three groups of matches, Under 21s, over 50s and the full England squad, we witnessed some exciting performances.

Much time, energy and effort from a large number of people was required to make it all happen. Quite unashamedly we record below the names of all those who contributed to the success of the three weekends and sincerely hope that we haven’t forgotten anyone.

The England Ladies v President's XI match on 29 September 2013

The England Ladies v President’s XI match on 29 September 2013

  • Shirley Reed
  • Trevor and Claire Parsons
  • Rick Mason
  • Anita Broad
  • Sally and Nathan Booker
  • Ruth Arthur
  • Becky Hull
  • Kelvin and Karen Speirs
  • Richard Emsley and his son
  • Kevin and Gill Hilliard
  • Gill Hemsley
  • Samantha Le Lievre
  • Anne Hardwick
  • Emma Stanton
  • Michael Ledwich
  • Fred and Rose Newland
  • Sarah Rushin
  • Mandy McGachie
  • Sue Targett
  • Jackie Elliott
  • Kim Smith
  • Brian Robinson
  • Clare Brown
  • Jim Edwards
  • Val Oakes
  • Heather Manning
  • Simon Cottingham
  • Maureen Croxford
  • Jacquie Bowles
  • Gwyn Griffith
  • Andre Hartnup and grand-daughter Sophie Dunn
  • Mo Zeiher
  • Yvonne Alce
  • Fitness Instructors Mark Sillett, Katie Warman and Kirsty Plummer
  • Cricket coaches John Whitehouse and his son, John Burroughs, Sam Attfield, David Shoare and James Johnson
  • Members of Horsham Cricket Club Laurence, Joe, Polly, Claire, Debbie, Joe and Josh
  • Christie, Mark and Sarah Reeves from Café du Van
  • Film makers Val and Errol Whitter
  • Paul Cartwright from Premier Sports
  • Callum Spur from Towersound
  • Henry Adams, Estate Agents for their advertisement
  • Bat donations from Gray-Nicolls and Hunts County Bats
  • All the stoolball clubs, leagues, county associations and individuals who very generously donated raffle prizes and cakes
  • Finally our thanks to all sections of the press and those on social media who provided both pre-match advertising of the events and who included reports and photos of the matches as they were played.

To all of you a big thank you.

John and Kay Price

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