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Minutes of Management Meeting, May 2012

Thursday 21 June 2012, 2.24pm

The Management Committee of Stoolball England met at 53 Kings Road, Horsham on Friday 25 May 2012 at 7.45pm.

1. Present

  • Shirley Reed (President)
  • John Price (Chairman)
  • Kay Price (Secretary)
  • Trevor Parsons (Treasurer)
  • Rick Mason (Website Administrator)

2. Apologies for absence

  • Becky Hull (Vice-Chairman)
  • Michael Ledwich (Insurance and Governance)
  • Kelvin Speirs (Rules and Umpires)
  • Richard Emsley (Membership)
  • Kevin Hilliard (Club Accreditation)
  • Ruth Arthur (Coaching Development)

3. Minutes of the last Management meeting

The minutes of the last meeting were approved and signed as a true record.

4. Matters arising from the last Management meeting

East Sussex Schools Stoolball Survey – forms received from 20 primary/junior schools and 3 secondary schools.

5. Treasurer’s report

Trevor Parsons reported that sales of equipment were going well and insurance premiums for Public Liability and Personal Accident were being banked.

6. Small Grants application

Questions had been received from the assessor of our Small Grants application and our response would be submitted shortly.

7. National Ladies Team

Invitation letters have been sent to the 10 ladies leagues and associations affiliated to Stoolball England. Ideas were discussed about this inaugural event including the design of clothing, a souvenir programme, potential sponsorship and other memorabilia.

8. Sussex Community Funding

It was noted that the Stoolball England application to the Sussex Community Foundation was due to be reviewed on 24 May. A conditional £1,000 has already been awarded by Horsham District Council but this would not be received if the Sussex Community funding bid was not successful.

9. Community events

A revised list of Activities for 2012 that Stoolball England personnel will be attending during the summer has been generated and one venue new to the list will be the Cheltenham Sports Festival. While at Winchester Sports Festival on 20 May, members of Stoolball England were approached by the organiser of this event which is being held at Cheltenham Boys College on the weekend of 30 June/1 July. He was keen to demonstrate stoolball in Gloucestershire. John Price, Trevor Parsons and Kay Price will be making the journey.

10. Reports from members of the Management Committee

  • Insurance: As reported by Trevor Parsons, insurance premiums have been coming in steadily and some new information on governance has been received.
  • CRB checks and ISAs: Updated information has also been received regarding CRB checks and the new ISA scheme.
  • Website: A new search engine has been added via a box at the top right of the home page. This will make things easier to find on our website. Twitter (260 followers) is proving more popular at the moment than Facebook (150).
  • Shirley Reed: Shirley and Steep team member, Jackie Greetham, ran taster sessions for 3 classes of boys and girls and 1 session for boys only at Amery Hill School in Alton. Her comment was that it was hard work but very satisfying.

11. Any other business

  • Chairman John Price received a visit from a doctor at a local surgery in Horsham with over 70 employees who were interested in playing stoolball this summer, possibly in the nearby Horsham Park.
  • East Dean & Friston are due to play a Jubilee stoolball match on Friday 1 June following the filming of stoolball in “Escape to the Country”.
  • A query on bowling had been received from the Coastal League.
  • There was a discussion on starting a young players’ stoolball academy in the Horsham area. This will be pursued before the next meeting.
  • Shirley Reed: Kirdford Junior tournament on Saturday 19 May. Very enjoyable event with teams from Kirdford, Northchapel and Steep.

There being no further business, the meeting closed at 9.50pm.

Next meeting: Friday 6 July at 7.45pm at 53 Kings Road Horsham.

John and Kay Price
7 June 2012

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