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Learn to score or umpire stoolball

Sunday 1 April 2012, 10.36am

We’ve had a good response for our umpiring and scoring courses, but there are still spaces left, particularly for scorers. The courses take place at Plumpton on Sunday 15 April from 10-1pm and cost just £5. The tutors are Kelvin Speirs (umpiring) and Kevin Hilliard (scoring) and the course is divided into three hour-long sessions.

In the first indoor session, trainee umpires and scorers are separated to learn all about their particular role. The second session takes place outside where a game is played with each umpire officiating at the bowler’s end and at square leg. Finally there is a combined questions and answers indoor session.

We welcome anyone who would like to improve these two aspects of their game. Please give your details (club, name, address and telephone number or email address) to Kay Price on 01403 252419 or kay@….

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