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Minutes of Management Meeting, February 2012

Friday 23 March 2012, 10.26pm

The Management Committee of Stoolball England met at 53 Kings Road, Horsham, on Monday 27 February 2012 at 7.45pm.

1. Present

  • Shirley Reed (President)
  • John Price (Chairman)
  • Becky Hull (Vice-Chairman)
  • Kay Price (Secretary)
  • Trevor Parsons (Treasurer)
  • Rick Mason (Website Administrator)
  • Ruth Arthur (Coaching Development)

2. Apologies for absence

  • Kelvin Speirs (Rules and Umpires)
  • Richard Emsley (Membership)
  • Michael Ledwich (Insurance)

3. Minutes of the last Management meeting

The minutes of the last meeting were approved and signed as a true record.

4. Matters arising from the last Management meeting

  • It was proposed by Shirley Reed, seconded by Rick Mason and unanimously agreed that Richard Emsley be co-opted as Membership Secretary.
  • The “Lighter Later” motion was “talked out” in Parliament at the third reading and therefore will not be progressed
  • “Escape to the Country” – this BBC TV programme is still to be shown – transmission date still unknown
  • “Small Grants” application was submitted on 10 February and has been accepted for assessment by Sport England.

5. Treasurer’s report

Trevor Parsons reported that there was a surplus for the period of £29.59. He also proposed that a sum of money, to be agreed, should be deposited in a separate account to earn interest. This course of action was unanimously approved by Management Committee members.

6. Strategy document

The revised document was circulated and it was agreed that the number of schools taking up stoolball should be added to the final section. Once amended the final document will be published on the website.

7. Community Sports Events for 2012

We need to approach the event organisers’ on the attached list who have not already been contacted and make them aware of our interest. In addition, since we will be asked for details of local clubs at these events, we need to confirm that they are happy with their contact details being passed on to interested members of the public.

8. Coaching in Schools 2012

At the end of January we were approached by a company called 4grants to see if we would like some help to find funding. As a result an application for funding has been submitted to Horsham District Council and a second application to the Sussex Community Foundation is nearing completion.

9. National ladies’ team selection

It was agreed that 4 nominations will be requested from each of the 10 affiliated ladies bodies, bearing in mind that we need a good mix of players.

10. Club survey

As recorded under Item 4(a), it has been agreed to enlist the services of Richard Emsley to take on the role as Membership Secretary. He is currently gathering information on the clubs and the services that they use which are provided by Stoolball England.

11. Courses

The Umpires’ and Scorers’ course is being held at Plumpton Cricket Club on Sunday 15 April starting at 9.30am. The cost per person will be £5.

A Level 1 coaching course will be held at Alfold Village Hall on 24/25 March starting on Saturday at 9.30am with a three hour First Aid Course run by a St John Ambulance tutor, followed by a lunch break and a three hour Child Protection Course from 1.30pm. On Sunday, the course will again run from 9.30am to 4.30pm and concentrate on stoolball finishing with an evaluation session.

12. Schools’ Stoolball Festivals

  • An “Olympic” Festival for primary schools in the Rother District Council area is planned for 27 June at the Polegrove Recreation ground in Bexhill. Currently there are 8 schools entered for this event. Secondary schools in the Rother area are also being approached with a view to running a Festival at Bexhill College. An update will be provided at the next meeting.
  • Horsham Schools’ Festival: The date for this event has been confirmed for 11 July at Horsham Cricket Club and plans are underway for lunch-time and after-school coaching sessions at schools in the area.

13. Reports from members of the Management Committee

  • Rick Mason reported that the copyright has run out on Major W.W. Grantham’s booklet printed in 1932, therefore it is now possible to put the pictures and other information contained in this booklet on the stoolball website. He also informed the meeting that he will be using Git to back-up the files on the website in the event of a website crash.
  • In Michael Ledwich’s absence, an update on insurance matters was provided. He reported that two other insurance companies had approached Stoolball England to provide a quote for the Public Liability and Personal Accident insurances. He also produced a document on governance to indicate what areas we needed to work on and and how it will affect stoolball. This was circulated to members present.
  • Shirley Reed reported that Steep Stoolball Club had been invited to organise a demonstration game of stoolball at Gilbert White’s Museum in Selbourne. This would take place on Saturday 4 August.

14. Reprint of rules and scorebooks

The Secretary pointed out that there was now an urgent need for the updated rule book to be printed so that it was ready for the start of the 2012 season. This also applied to the large and tournament scorebooks because equipment ordered by Surrey and Kent had exhausted those stocks. A reprint of the Coaching Manual is already underway.

15. Eastbourne Red Triangle

Their Annual General Meeting is being held on 5 March and a meeting between Stoolball England and members of their committee is planned for 27 March at a venue to be confirmed.

16. Any other business

  • Rick Mason reported that there was a campaign on public health for the over 50s in the Eastbourne area and it was noted in a newspaper report that there were over 1,000,000 women who had stopped playing sport in the last year.
  • Rick also learned, via Twitter, that there is a company in the East End called “runfunstarz” who specialize in the delivery of uniquely designed Flexy Sports Programmes. They were interested in working with Stoolball England.
  • 4 star stoolball: A stoolball training programme has been produced and was tested by Broadbridge Heath Stoolball Club and Winterfold Stoolball Club at a training session held at Southwater Leisure Centre recently. Using four wickets, it is designed to speed up players’ reactions while batting, bowling and fielding and provides a very effective and energetic workout.
  • SO Sussex: Details of this group were passed to us by a colleague representing Nordic Walking at an Active Sussex NGB Forum meeting recently.

There being no further business, the meeting closed at 10.15pm.

Next meeting: Monday 26 March at 7.45pm at 53 Kings Road Horsham.

John and Kay Price
12 March 2012

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