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Minutes of Management Meeting, September 2011

Sunday 2 October 2011, 7.06pm

The Management Committee of Stoolball England met at 53 Kings Road, Horsham, on Monday 19 September 2011 at 7.30pm.

1. Present

  • Shirley Reed (President)
  • John Price (Chairman)
  • Becky Hull (Vice-Chairman)
  • Kay Price (Secretary)
  • Trevor Parsons (Treasurer)
  • Rick Mason (Website Administrator)
  • Michael Ledwich (Insurance)
  • Kevin Hilliard (Club Accreditation)
  • Kelvin Speirs (Umpires)
  • Ruth Arthur (Coaching Development)

2. Apologies for absence

  • None

3. Minutes of the last Management meeting

The minutes of the last meeting were approved and signed as a true record.

4. Matters arising from the last meeting

  • Lower Beeding setting up as a mixed club and intend to play on the sports ground in their village. Michael Ledwich confirmed that they have already taken out Public Liability insurance
  • Quotes are being obtained for 2-3 metre high banners which will portray the Stoolball England logo and can be used to advertise the sport at events like TakePart in Brighton and Sparks in the Park in Horsham.
  • Shirley Reed has volunteered to make a large horizontal banner which will also be a very useful publicity tool.

5. Treasurer’s report

Trevor Parsons reported a surplus of £3,593 for the year to date with a healthy income of nearly £1,000 from the umpires/scorers’ and coaching courses. Good sales were maintained for stoolball equipment and this area is still the major source of income.

6. Insurance report

Michael Ledwich reported a successful year and the change of insurers negotiated at the beginning of the year had meant that clubs had not been exposed to a large increase in Public Liability premiums. There had also been a small decrease in the premium of the Personal Accident coverage as glasses were now included in the Public Liability cover.


Michael Ledwich also spoke of a successful “after school club” coaching programme which he had carried out in the Horley area involving three junior schools and 80 children overall. At two of the schools the numbers were quite small, approximately 10-12 in each but at Meath Green there were nearly 60 children and these coaching sessions had to be run over two days. A report of the coaching programme will be circulated and put on the Stoolball England website.


Kelvin Speirs spoke of a fun day which was held at Plumpton Cricket Club and involved playing stoolball. He also reported that sadly the local primary school did not play any team sports for girls.

7. Website report

Rick Mason reported that the location of any tournament mentioned on the website was now added to a map which would be a bonus to clubs. He mentioned that there was a link from the website to a clothing website which will be advertised more comprehensively during the coming months. Clubs looking for new kit would be advised to see if there is anything which would suit their needs.

For those players and clubs who want to get more involved in playing statistics, Rick has also been doing some more filtering – by opposition team, batting stats and as an individual. Finally Stoolball England is now on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube and he proposed that reference to these should appear on the scorebooks when they are reprinted this winter.

8. Meetings/events

  • Sparks in the Park held in Horsham Park on 24 July – Stoolball England and members of the Winterfold, Broadbridge Heath and Barns Green clubs were present to help run “taster sessions” and the names of interested members of the public were noted. On the same day, Stoolball England attended the Cowfold Bulls mixed tournament and had an equipment stall
  • “Escape to the Country” filmed stoolball at East Dean, near Eastbourne on Tuesday 2 August, where members of Trojans mixed stoolball club took part with the husband and wife who were featured in the programme. It was a thoroughly enjoyable evening and our thanks to Trina Perry for organising the Trojan team. As a result of this event, Stoolball England were invited to write an article about the game in the East Dean & Friston Parish Magazine and members of the village are hopeful that stoolball will be played again locally after an absence of over 30 years.
  • Helen Murdock, meeting at Cranleigh on 17 August – Stoolball England met up with Helen to discuss the future structure and composition of our Level 1 and Level 2 courses. It is proposed to run both courses during the winter months, together with another umpire and scorers’ course.
  • Sports Leadership Volunteering awards meeting with Shelley Meyern on 9 September – Stoolball England are planning to work with the Sports Leaders UK (SLUK) who are planning to form an association which will allow them to stay in contact with sports leaders who take their qualifications. By working with sporting governing bodies a referral pathway can be provided into specific sports for volunteers or potential coaches/officials.

9. Any other business

  • New clubs for next season – Southwater Ladies, Worthing (ladies), Glynde and Firle (both mixed), and potential teams in the pipeline Warnham (ladies) and East Dean and Peper Harow (both mixed)
  • Rules Working Party – an email has been sent round to all affiliated bodies reminding them that this group will be meeting up at Plumpton Village Hall on Sunday 2 October at 10am.
  • Club Accreditation – Kevin Hilliard created the Stoolball England Club Accreditation Scheme in 2009 with the help of the Sussex County Sports Partnership (now Active Sussex), however the criteria for accreditation have now changed and he is currently concentrating on updating our scheme so that it falls into line with the national Club Mark scheme. The first document he has produced relates to the “Playing Programme” which covers club coaching sessions, competitive structures, coaching staff and club venues
  • Scorebooks – Kevin Hilliard has drafted two possible scorebooks, one for a limited over game (suitable for August league games etc.) and the other for match play with the tournament booklet remaining as printed. It is proposed that these books are ring-bound. Some additional suggestions were presented by Rick Mason and they will all be considered before the final versions are presented for printing
  • Golden Challenge – this is a series of sport specific skill based challenges for Key Stage 1 and 2 school children and in Sussex, stoolball has been included in the list of sports involved. There has already been a trial in junior schools with 1,000 children taking part. Results are entered into a computer programme and this enables schools to compete against each other without leaving their school. The feedback from this challenge have proved very encouraging
  • Sport & Recreation Alliance request for support amending the National Planning Policy Framework. This was in the form of a letter which NGBs were asked to forward to the Department for Communities and Local Government outlining the concern about the lack of protection for sport and recreation facilities in the draft document issued by the government. Stoolball England were happy to comply.
  • President’s Award nominations – names were given to Shirley to consider and she welcomed any further nominations
  • Andrew Lusted’s book on stoolball in Glynde – this is an excellent publication that was published at the end of July. As a result of this book, several games have been played between Glynde and Firle
  • Ruth Arthur – passed on a request from Broadbridge Heath Stoolball Club for umpire/scorers’ courses this winter
  • Rick Mason – Chailey Ladies Stoolball Club will be leaving the Mid Division league in Sussex but will continue as a mixed club next season, playing in the Mid Sussex Mixed Stoolball League. He also reported that one of the business teams in the Lewes League will be dropping out because the company is moving to Crawley, however the team hope to start up a mixed stoolball league in that area instead
  • Shirley Reed – reported that the Midhurst Indoor league are looking for a suitable ball to use as the Reeders’ ball is no longer being manufactured. It was suggested that an “Incrediball” or similar ball is used but any other suggestions would be much appreciated
  • Michael Ledwich – reported that there was a Surrey meeting on Tuesday 20 September and he would find out who would be representing Surrey at the Rules Working Party meeting

There being no further business, the meeting closed at 10.10pm.

Date of next meeting: Proposed for Monday 31 October at 7.30pm at 53 Kings Road, Horsham

John and Kay Price
28 September 2011

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