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Minutes of Management Meeting, June 2011

Friday 12 August 2011, 5.17pm

The Management Committee of Stoolball England met at 53 Kings Road, Horsham, on Friday 24 June 2011 at 7.45pm.

1. Present

  • John Price (Chairman)
  • Becky Hull (Vice-Chairman)
  • Kay Price (Secretary)
  • Trevor Parsons (Treasurer)
  • Rick Mason (Website Administrator)
  • Ruth Arthur (Coaching Development)
  • Kevin Hilliard (Club Accreditation)

2. Apologies for absence

  • Shirley Reed (President)
  • Michael Ledwich (Insurance)
  • Kelvin Speirs (Rules and Umpires)

3. Minutes of the last Management meeting

Subject to a small change being made in Item 7, the website report where “Promoting Activity.com” was amended to read “NHS choices”, the minutes were approved and signed as a true record.

4. Matters arising from the last meeting

Val and Errol Whitter from i54newmedia have completed filming the stoolball documentary and are busy editing the footage. They have sent a 50 second trailer for Rick Mason to put on the Stoolball England website.

5. Treasurer’s report

Trevor Parsons reported a surplus of £1,869 for the year to date, but was concerned that the sales figures were disappointing.

6. Insurance report

In the absence of Michael Ledwich, there was no insurance updated provided.

7. Website report

Rick Mason reported that he had added maps of grounds to the website and it was his intention to include maps of tournament venues. Management Committee members were shown the documentary trailer and were very pleased with it. Rick also told members that he had registered stoolball on Twitter and was currently working on making a mobile version of the website.

8. Stoolball England coaching

  • Becky Hull and Ruth Arthur have taken part in coaching or taster sessions with the following schools in the Horsham area:
    • All Saints
    • Warnham
    • Shelley
    • St Mary’s
    • Southwater
    • Slinfold

    They reported that there would be 10 or 12 teams taking part in the Horsham Primary School Stoolball Festival on 13 July at Horsham Cricket Club. It was also proposed to use a different format, similar to quick cricket, at this event.

  • John and Kay Price visited Harlands Farm School, Uckfield to run a taster session with Year 5 and 6 children. At the end of the session, they took a set of wickets and 2 bats with them for refurbishment.

9. Year 9/10 Sussex Schools Championships at Plumpton on 21 June 2011

Attended by 7 schools:

  • Angmering
  • Bishop Otter
  • Varndean
  • Cavendish
  • Ringmer
  • Sackville
  • Uplands

Excellent occasion with some very good stoolball being played. Winners were Bishop Otter, 2nd place Ringmer and Uplands were 3rd. The Year 7/8 competition is being played on 6 July at the same venue.

10. Any other business

  • TakePart Festival is being held in Preston Park on Saturday 25 June and in addition to having a stall, Stoolball England will be taking part in taster sessions from 12 noon onwards.
  • The Sport & Recreation Alliance suggestion that a member of their Governance Team make a presentation to Stoolball England on the Voluntary Code of Good Governance for the Sport and Recreation Sector. It was proposed that a hall is booked.
  • Abolishment of cheques – this has been put to one side for the time being
  • It was reported that there was no interest in an inter-league mixed stoolball competition
  • Street have dropped out of the Mid Sussex Mixed League
  • Good news from Cowfold Bulls, a newly formed mixed club – they are organising a senior and junior tournament on 24 July and would welcome any mixed teams who are free on that day
  • It was noted that Test Match Special had featured an ECB version of cricket called cage cricket

There being no further business, the meeting closed at 9.50pm.

Date of next meeting: Friday 22 July 2011 at 7.30pm at 53 Kings Road, Horsham.

John and Kay Price
22 July 2011

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