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Statistics beyond the top 10

Sunday 13 March 2011, 4.14pm

We’ve improved the statistics on this website. Wherever previously you could view the top 10 performances, you can now drill down and see everything. We’ve added more detail too for teams and players. If your team doesn’t have any statistics yet, now is the time to find out how to add matches and results in the new season.

Here’s the full list of changes:

  • On the overall statistics page, and the pages for each league, season and team every top 10 table has a link to view all the results.
  • The season-by-season view of each team’s statistics now includes player statistics, and a chart of how you’ve done against each opposition team, that were previously only available when viewing all seasons together.
  • Every player’s page now links to a full list of all the batting scores and bowling performances by that player.
  • Each batting and bowling performance now includes the name of the opposition team.
  • The tables of most runs, most wickets and most catches on team, the league, and season statistics pages now include the number of matches taken by each player to reach their total. Previously, this was only on the overall statistics page.

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