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Cubs learn to play stoolball

Friday 12 December 2008, 9.27pm

On Sunday 14 September, a beautiful sunny morning, the East Grinstead District organised a stoolball tournament for the cub scouts. For many of the cubs, leaders and parents, this was the first time they had encountered stoolball, hence the day started with a quick run down on the very basics.

As play got going the rules began to fall into place and the teams seemed to get into the game. The three teams all played each other and there were some excellent catches, great batting, even a few fours, along with some very good bowling. By the end of the matches even the inexperienced umpires seemed to have grasped the rules (well, the easy ones). The last game was between two closely matched sides and was exciting and action-packed with a very close score.

All in all everyone had fun, many said they would like to play again and the District Commissioner asked if we could borrow the equipment again for the adult support team to have a go! Without the help of Stoolball England, we wouldn’t have had this experience, so we would like to thank them for the loan of equipment. If our feedback is as positive as it seemed on the day, we will very likely be back next year to do it all again.

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