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Annual General Meeting 2008 minutes

Tuesday 16 December 2008, 7.52pm

Stoolball England (SE) held its 29th Annual General Meeting in the Renshaw Room at Wivelsfield Village Hall on Sunday 16 November at 11am.


Stoolball England (SE) officers:

  • Shirley Reed (President)
  • John Price (Chairman)
  • Kevin Hilliard (Vice-Chairman and Club Accreditation)
  • Kay Price (Hon Secretary)
  • Peter Cheesman (Hon. Treasurer)
  • Michael Ledwich (Insurance and Rules Co-ordinator)
  • Rick Mason (Web site Administrator)
  • Barbara Fitzpatrick (Marketing and Publicity)
  • John Fitzpatrick (Umpires)


  • Richard Emsley

Leagues, associations and clubs represented:

  • Coastal Stoolball League: (Pat Wyatt and Kaye Turner)
  • Mid Sussex Mid Stoolball League/Lewes Mixed Stoolball League: (Rick Mason)
  • Surrey Ladies Stoolball Association (SLSA): (Michael Ledwich)
  • Sussex County Stoolball Association: (Kay Price)
  • Central Division (SCSA): (Elaine Berry and Gerry Miller)
  • Mid Division (SCSA): (Daphne Hunt and Trevor Parsons)
  • West Division (SCSA): (Kevin Hilliard)
  • North Division (SCSA): (Barbara Fitzpatrick)
  • Sussex County Umpires Association: (John Fitzpatrick and Fred Newland)
  • Wessex Friendly Group: (Shirley Reed)
  • West Kent Ladies Stoolball League (WKLSL): (Richard Emsley)

1. Apologies for absence

  • Melissa Mantle (SE-Coaching Development and Chief Coaching Examiner)
  • Toni Wheatley (SE-East Sussex Friendly Teams Co-ordinator)
  • Mike Hearn (East Division, SCSA)
  • Pam Wood-Hill (Mid Sussex Mixed Stoolball League)
  • Sally Morris (Hailsham Mixed Stoolball League)
  • Sybil Voller (North Division, SCSA)
  • Anne Peck and Gwyn Griffith (Vice-Presidents)
  • Mr and Mrs Keith Younger (North Division, SCSA)

2. Chairman’s welcome

The Chairman welcomed everyone to the Annual General Meeting of Stoolball England.

Before the meeting got underway, he spoke of his sadness at the death earlier in the year of Margaret Childs who was a Vice-President and long term member of Surrey Ladies Stoolball Association. She had been Chairman of Surrey for over 20 years and had only recently retired from umpiring duties.

It also saddened him to inform members of the deaths of Ken and Dorothy Whiteman who died more recently within a few weeks of each other. They were stalwarts of the Sussex County Stoolball Association, particularly Mid Division, and they made a great team.

3. Minutes of the 28th Annual General Meeting

Following a proposal by Shirley Reed (Vice-Chairman), which was seconded by Daphne Hunt (Mid Division, SCSA), the minutes of the 28th Annual General Meeting were unanimously approved and signed as a true record.

4. Matters arising

There were no matters arising from the minutes of the 28th Annual General Meeting.

5. Chairman’s report

The Chairman’s report had previously been circulated with the meeting agenda to all the affiliated leagues and associations in membership and further copies were made available at the meeting.

John Price said it had been another very busy year for the Management Committee and that the main projects had been outlined in his report. However, he particularly highlighted the Schools Coaching Programme which Stoolball England were hoping to introduce in 2009 and he pointed out that this was the first of many programmes which would be promoted in Hampshire, Kent, Surrey and East and West Sussex.

He was most grateful to the two ladies from Forest Green Stoolball Club in Surrey who had volunteered to help get this programme off the ground. Appropriate training was already being organised for them. He went on to enquire if there were any other members who would be prepared to help on similar projects in their local areas.

Acceptance of the Chairman’s report was proposed by John Fitzpatrick, seconded by Shirley Reed and unanimously approved.

6. Treasurer’s report

Early in 2008, Peter Cheesman announced that he would be retiring at the 2008 Annual General Meeting and accordingly he would be presenting the balance sheet for the final time after 21 years in office.

He told the meeting that in 1987 he had been approached by Rosemary Hobbs and Rene Bowers to take over the role as treasurer and that the amount of work had slowly increased over the years as the National Stoolball Association (NSA) and now Stoolball England has grown. He was pleased to say that he had never had to report a deficit, and this year there was a surplus of £1,535.

In answer to a question from Shirley Reed about the proceeds from BingoLotto, he said that Stoner Cottingham, the Independent Examiners, had placed this amount under “sundry creditors” because this sum would be gradually used up in accordance with the budget outlined to Central Council of Physical Recreation (CCPR).

The Treasurer was given a vote of thanks by the meeting, and acceptance of the accounts was proposed by Shirley Reed (Vice-Chairman), seconded by Michael Ledwich (SLSA) and unanimously approved. A presentation in appreciation of Peter Cheesman’s long and loyal service was made to him by John Price on behalf of Stoolball England.

7. Rules review for 2008

The rules review took place on Sunday 19 October and was chaired by Michael Ledwich. He circulated a list of topics for discussion. It was agreed to leave the contentious “catch” rule until 2009 when a consultation at club level will be undertaken. The findings will be presented at the Annual General Meeting in 2009.

The changes agreed at the review meeting were presented and some additional changes in wording were discussed. The meeting unanimously recommended approval of the rules changes. John Fitzpatrick said that it was a pity the “catch” rule had been put to one side, but thanked everyone involved in the rules review for their contribution. Richard Emsley asked if Stoolball England had made any progress towards gaining a copyright to the Rules of stoolball, but was told that when governing body “recognition” was achieved, this would be addressed.

8. Election of officers

  • President: Shirley Reed, proposed by the SE Committee, seconded John Fitzpatrick
  • Chairman: Mr. John Price proposed by the SE Committee, seconded Barbara Fitzpatrick
  • Vice-Chairman:Â Kevin Hilliard proposed by the SE Committee, seconded Fred Newland
  • Hon Secretary: Kay Price proposed by the SE Committee, seconded Fred Newland
  • Hon Treasurer: Trevor Parsons proposed by the SE Committee, seconded Richard Emsley
  • Officers elected on bloc, proposed by the SE Committee, seconded Fred Newland:
    • Melissa Mantle
    • Toni Wheatley
    • Michael Ledwich
    • Rick Mason
    • Barbara Fitzpatrick
    • John Fitzpatrick

All the above nominations were unanimously approved by the meeting.

9. Election of two new vice-presidents

Two new vice-presidents were proposed for election, firstly Peter Cheesman in recognition of his 21 years’ contribution to the National Stoolball Association and Stoolball England and secondly, Edward Keates.

Edward Keates has had a long involvement with stoolball, previously being a Vice-Chairman of the NSA and a long-term Chairman of West Kent Ladies Stoolball League until his retirement from the post last March. He has made a tremendous contribution to stoolball in Kent. Peter and Edward were proposed by the Stoolball England Committee, seconded by John Fitzpatrick and unanimously approved.

10. Independent examiner

Stoner, Cottingham of Horsham were proposed by Peter Cheesman, and seconded by Barbara Fitzpatrick to continue their annual examination of the Stoolball England accounts. They were unanimously approved.

11. Any other business

The Chairman, John Price, spoke about his desire to develop closer relationships with leagues, counties and county bodies during the coming year.

There being no further business, the meeting closed at 12.15pm.

Kay and John Price, Stoolball England, 17 November 2008

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