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Surrey wins Expo Cup 2008

Wednesday 27 August 2008, 7.00am

A bright but cloudy day welcomed Surrey and the five Sussex Divisional teams to the King George V playing fields in Allington Road, Newick for Expo Cup 2008 on Sunday.

Surrey batting in the Expo Cup 2008

Surrey batting in the Expo Cup 2008

This year’s chosen charity was Headway, an organisation dedicated to providing services for people affected by acquired head/brain injury living in East and West Sussex. At times we can be very ignorant of other people’s suffering and it was sad to learn that nearly 90% of people suffering acquired brain injury had had their personality changed, while 80% had a breakdown in relationships. Sadly too, over 60% of those suffering from brain injury are unemployed.

For those of us who are fit and able to enjoy our lives both working and playing sport, we have a lot to be thankful for. It was encouraging to learn from Gerry Harris, the General Manager of Headway that the money raised during the day (between £450 and £500) would be used towards the complete refurbishment of the Client Kitchen at Headway House in Newick.

Expo Cup 2008 at Newick

Expo Cup 2008 at Newick

With a programme of 15 matches on 2 pitches, organiser of the day Marion Campbell from the Newick Stoolball Club did an excellent job getting teams onto the field quickly for each game. The fundraising Raffle and Catering operations were ably led by Doris Younger, Chairman of North Division, her husband Keith and fellow Committee members, and supported by a whole team of volunteers from the Newick Club – it was an admirable effort from everyone involved.

With most of the teams taking the opportunity to blood new players at this level, there were some excellent games with everybody battling hard to overcome an ever increasing chilly wind; but standards, particularly the fielding, remained high throughout the day.

Caroline Gorman batting for West Division

Caroline Gorman batting for West Division

By 5.30pm it became clear that the match to decide the winners for the day would be that between Surrey and the West Division, both of whom had won their previous four games. Batting first, West struggled against the bowling pace of Surrey skipper Sue Targett and could only muster 57 off their 6 overs. In their innings, Surrey batted confidently against the West attack and reached their target at the start of the last over to bring joy to their team.

At the trophy presentation, Surrey dedicated their win to Margaret Childs whose death earlier this year was a great shock to everyone in the stoolball world. Margaret was a Vice-President of the National Stoolball Association and Chairman of Surrey for over 20 years until her retirement in 2000. She made a big contribution to stoolball and is being sadly missed.


  • North 64 – Central 100
  • East 74 – West 82
  • Mid 73 – Surrey 90
  • Central 71 – East 54
  • West 134 – Mid 67
  • North 41 – Surrey 78
  • East 110 – Mid 52
  • Central 74 – West 96
  • Central 65 – Surrey 77
  • North 53 – West 127
  • North 80 – Mid 57
  • East 70 – Surrey 76
  • Central 91 – Mid 50
  • West 57 – Surrey 68

Winners of Expo Cup 2008 – Surrey

Runners-up – West Division

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