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Minutes of officers’ meeting on 29 October 2007

Wednesday 21 November 2007, 4.27pm

Officers of the National Stoolball Association (NSA) met at 53 Kings Road, Horsham on Monday 29 October 2007 at 7.30pm.


  • John Price (Chairman)
  • Shirley Reed (Vice-Chairman)
  • Kay Price (Secretary)
  • Peter Cheesman (Treasurer)
  • Barbara Fitzpatrick (Marketing/Publicity)
  • John Fitzpatrick (Umpires)

The Chairman, John Price, welcomed everyone to the meeting.


  • Richard Emsley (Insurance)
  • Michael Ledwich (Rules)
  • Kevin Hilliard (Club Accreditation)
  • Rick Mason (Website)

Minutes of the last officers’ meeting on 23 August 2007

The minutes were signed and approved as a true record.

Matters arising

General Meeting – 23 September

  • Club registration forms for 2008 – Action: all club secretaries, via website or Kay Price
  • Those clubs with young players under 18 or with vulnerable adults need to elect Welfare Officers for the 2008 season
  • Fixtures and results – after a fairly successful first season, we need to ensure that everyone has their fixtures and results added to the NSA website.

Officers’ Meeting – 20 August

  • Discussion on the Vetting and Barring meeting which was organised by the Central Council of Physical Recreation (CCPR) on 4 October 2007 – notes on the meeting were circulated.
  • Stoolball clip to add to the NSA website
  • Purchase of website domains – stoolball.org, stoolball.org.uk and stoolball.net – stoolball.com is owned by an American company in California, but the licence expires next March so we may be able to purchase it then if they choose not to renew it. Many thanks to Rick Mason for sorting this out.


  • Graham Bailey on behalf of Suksasongkhro School, near Chiang Mai, Thailand. John and Kay Price met up with Graham at Buck Barn crossroads and heard all about his intention to introduce stoolball at the school where his wife is working. In exchange for bats, balls, a rule book and a ‘Let’s Play Stoolball’ DVD, he gave us a number of items made by the children at the school which showed that they were a very talented group of children. Graham has promised to keep in touch with us and let us know how the game progresses.
  • News from Larry McCray in the USA. He has sent us two articles which have been published in the US. One was by David Block who was one of the baseball party who came over in the summer and he relates ‘The story of William Bray’s Diary’. and the second article is by Larry himself and is a review of a book by Francis Willughby’s ‘Book of Games’ – which mentions stoolball.
  • CCPR daily bulletins provide some very interesting sporting information.

Financial report

Peter Cheesman reported that the finances were in a very healthy state with a surplus of £3,119 and total equipment sales for the year have reached £8,176.

The NSA had also received an unexpected bonus payment of £421.00 as a result of the merger between the Portman and Nationwide. A query about the 20% tax paid on this payment would be discussed with the auditors. Peter also reported that the NSA was currently holding large stocks of equipment, but it was noted that there were sufficient stocks to start the 2008 season and no further buying would be necessary.


It was noted that there were three main issues to be cleared up before the next period of insurance begins in 2008:

  • extension to the upper age limit
  • to what extent volunteers are covered under our insurance
  • where we stand regarding the sale of food to members of the public on tournament days etc.

Action: Richard Emsley

Club Accreditation Scheme update

The Club Accreditation Scheme documents had been circulated to all leagues and associations and the NSA is awaiting feedback. It was reported that North Division, SCSA, had already discussed the scheme and had accepted it in principle.


John Price and Kevin Hilliard had attended a meeting organised by the CCPR to talk about this new fundraising activity. BingoLotto is due to be launched at the end of January and the NSA will seek approval at their AGM to enable them to sign up to it. Its aim is to develop and support the delivery of grass roots sport and recreation, to increase the numbers participating and to build a better infrastructure for sport and recreation.

Sport England

John and Kay Price met with Greg Clements, who is a Development Manager from Sport England, South East to discuss the future of stoolball. Greg spoke about the government target for Sport England, and for the south east in particular where over the next 5 years they would like to see 300,000 new people actively exercising.

Sport England, south east region consists of 7 counties: Sussex, Surrey, Kent, Hants, Oxon, Herts and Middlesex. This region needs to introduce 60,000 new people each year to at least 3 active sessions of 30 minutes each per week and stoolball has a part to play in order for them to achieve this target.

Sussex County Sports Partnership

Through Shelley Mayern, this group has provided us with some useful contacts and we will be following them up in the near future. We have also used their resources to submit four CRB checks for NSA personnel.

Stoolball Convention

Among the topics which will be discussed at the stoolball Convention being held at Wivelsfield Village Hall next March will be rules revision, Club Charter Accreditation, stoolball appearing in the National Curriculum and putting your fixtures and results on the NSA website. The hall has been booked for 9 March 2008.

Complaints Procedure

When discussing CRB checks with Elizabeth Hubbard from The Media Group in Nottingham this summer, it became clear that the NSA would have to make some changes to their complaints procedure. This we have now done and the amended document will be presented to the Annual General Meeting for approval.

AGM vacancies

Following the death of our President, Rosemary Hobbs, earlier this year, it was proposed that Shirley Reed be nominated to stand for this position at the AGM

If Shirley is approved, this will leave a Vice-Chairman vacancy and it was proposed that Kevin Hilliard be asked to stand at the AGM.

After a number of years dedicated to the NSA, Richard Emsley has decided to stand down from his position of Insurance Officer and Michael Ledwich has been asked to take over this role.

Schools Working Party

As you all know, stoolball has been mentioned at Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 in the National Schools Curriculum for 2008-2011. Therefore, in order to make this most of this opportunity, it was proposed to invite a number of ex-players and current players, who are involved in school sport, to be part of a working party.

A number of names were suggested and John Price agreed to speak to each person to find out if they were interested. Melissa Mantle, our Coaching Development Officer and Chief Examiner has already volunteered to formulate some lesson plans and our grateful thanks have been passed on to her.

Any other business

Barbara Fitzpatrick presented a most interesting website report for 2007 which showed that website activity has increased significantly this season due mainly to the efforts of Rick Mason to keep it up to date and topical.

Visits were predominantly from south east England, although 64 visits were from the Manchester area and 73 from Birmingham. Hits were also recorded from America, Oceania, Asia and Africa. The exciting end to the Mid Division league season was reflected by 362 hits being recorded in July viewing their league table, proof that if we can get up to date information onto the website, it will be popular.

Newsletter: Shirley Reed asked for some updated information to add to the next edition of the newsletter which would be distributed at the AGM. Where an email address is available, it will be sent via that medium. Shirley also suggested that the NSA should keep an official record of all the variations of the game which are being played.

There being no further business to discuss, the meeting closed at 10.35pm.

Date of next meeting: Annual General Meeting on Sunday 25 November 2007 at Cowfold Sports Pavilion, 10.30am for 11am start.

Kay Price
20 November 2007

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