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Minutes of officers’ meeting on 20 August 2007

Tuesday 11 September 2007, 6.56pm

Officers of the National Stoolball Association (NSA) met at 53 Kings Road, Horsham on Monday 20 August 2007 at 7.30pm.

1. Present

  • John Price (Chairman)
  • Shirley Reed (Vice-Chairman)
  • Kay Price (Secretary)
  • Peter Cheesman (Treasurer)
  • Kevin Hilliard (Club Accreditation)

The Chairman, John Price, welcomed everyone to the meeting.


  • Richard Emsley (Insurance)
  • Michael Ledwich (Rules)
  • John Fitzpatrick (Umpires)
  • Barbara Fitzpatrick (Marketing)
  • Rick Mason (Website)

2. Minutes of the last officers’ meeting on 30 July 2007

The minutes were signed and approved as a true record.

3. Matters arising

  • Larry McCray (from Massachusetts Institute of Technology) took some pictures at Lords Cricket Ground during a recent visit there and is sending us copies.
  • Professor Margaret Talbot – still awaiting a response.
  • During the last two months, the NSA has been given two bats by East Preston Stoolball Club, two by Horsham Trinity Stoolball Club and one by Little Common Stoolball Club which will be added to the equipment available for loan by local schools.

4. Correspondence

  • Email from Graham Bailey on behalf of Suksasongkhro School, near Chiang Mai, Thailand – request for bats and balls so that stoolball can be played at his wife’s school. The wickets are being made locally and Graham is visiting friends and relatives in the south east of England in October and will contact us then.
  • Sports4all, a sporting occasion held at The Hop Farm, Paddock Wood in Kent on 11-12 August – the NSA was approached by Chris Litchfield from Groombridge Stoolball Club to provide stoolball equipment and publicity material for her stall at this event. She reported that she had quite a lot of interest and was pleased with the response.
  • A request from Spencers Wood Local History Group in Berkshire – a request for a stoolball photo that they can use in a history of their village. One of their group used to play stoolball at the local school and they would like a photo and some information about the game.
  • Central Council of Physical Recreation (CCPR) – email invitation to a Vetting and Barring seminar being held in London on 4 October 2007. This seminar is being run following the introduction of The Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Act 2006 which is due to be fully implemented by September 2008. The NSA will be represented at this seminar.
  • Email from a baseball contact in Somerset and forwarded to the NSA by Larry McCray from the USA – regarding two articles printed at the beginning of August in the Western Gazette newspaper about “stall ball” being played at a primary school near Bridport in Dorset. He mentions that the pictures in the paper resemble stoolball and a visit to Google has not turned up any information on “stall ball”. This is being followed up.
  • CCPR daily bulletins – provide some very interesting sporting information.

5. Financial report

Peter Cheesman reported that the finances were in a very healthy state with a surplus of £2,942 and equipment sales have reached £7,722 for the period. Following the production of A3 and A4 stoolball posters at the end of last year, it was agreed that a further supply of A4 posters can be printed in readiness for the Annual General Meeting at the end of November.

6. Club Accreditation Scheme update

Kevin Hilliard reported that he and Kay Price had attended a meeting with Shelley Meyern and a colleague from the Sussex County Sports Partnership who are located at Falmer. They were most impressed with our Club Accreditation Scheme and advised us on the following points:

  • The term “Child Protection” is now being replaced by “Safeguarding”
  • A stoolball team’s first aid kit must be taken to all matches, home and away
  • Supervision levels need to be stated, for instance, a minimum of 1 Level One coach and 1 volunteer parent per team
  • The NSA should encourage members to take training courses, for instance a Safeguarding course is being held on Wednesday 7 November at Falmer. The NSA should contact Surrey and Kent so that they can look at the courses being offered by their County Sports Partnerships.
  • Coaches and coaching standards should be reviewed on a regular basis
  • Our insurance policy needs to cover volunteers (parents etc) who are not club officials or coaches, but does it?
  • Development of the game – our programme needs to be greatly expanded
  • We should include “Duty of Care” and “Sports Equity” in our document
  • Financing is possible through “Awards for All” and “Sportsmatch”
  • CRB checks are available through Sussex County Sports Partnership at a cost of £10 per person

Following this meeting, it was suggested that NSA officers should have business cards to hand out on occasions such as these.

7. Presidential thoughts

Names were put forward to fill the vacancy caused through the recent death of Rosemary Hobbs. Officers were also asked to consider whether stoolball should have a patron and, if so, what kind of person would be suitable.

8. NSA Website

  • Clip of stoolball – Peter Carter to be contacted regarding the small clip which will appear on our website. Action: Kay Price
  • Photos of stoolball – request for some more photos, old and new, for the website. Action: all clubs
  • Purchase of stoolball.org and stoolball.net – Michael Ledwich reported that stoolball.net and stoolball.com are still available and he was asked to pursue the purchase of these. He also stated that NSA and all its common forms were not available
  • Site statistics Google – as the meeting was held earlier in the month than usual, these figures were not available but will be forwarded to everyone when they arrive. Action: Kay Price
  • Pauline Hurley, fixture contact from Mid Division, SCSA – Pauline was nominated by Mid Division to put all their fixtures and results on the website and found it a relatively easy task to perform. It is important that everyone follows suit in 2008 and she has kindly consented to speak on the subject at the stoolball Convention which is being held in March 2008.

9. Rules

Shirley Reed had the following comments to make:

  • The rule regarding a runner needs to be clarified
  • The rule on footwear – currently it is stated that studs must not be worn (when this rule was first included, it referred to cricket studs) but she asked if shoes with rubber studs can be worn from a safety point of view
  • Shirley would like the Rules Review Body to consider a Kwik Stoolball equivalent to Kwik Cricket.

10. Insurance

Following the visit to Sussex County Sports Partnership (referred to above) can we find out who exactly is being covered under our current insurance policy. Action: Richard Emsley

11. Publicising the National Stoolball Association

As part of this initiative, the NSA went to the Sussex County Stoolball Tournament at Seaford at the beginning of August, followed by the Rest of the League Tournament at Plumpton the following week. Equipment was sold at both events and we are now finding that wherever we go, we are asked if we have equipment with us.

12. 2008 Stoolball Convention dates and decision on NSA AGM date

It was confirmed that Wivelsfield Green Village Hall should be booked for the stoolball Convention on either Sunday 9 March 2008 or the following Sunday 16 March. It was also confirmed that Cowfold Village Hall (and failing that the Sports Pavilion) should be booked for the AGM on 25 November, although it was suggested that a larger venue should be considered in future. Action: Kay Price

13. What we want to achieve next year

At the last meeting, officers were asked to come forward with suggestions.

  • Peter Cheesman – we need to create a suitable logo
  • Shirley Reed – as part of planning for the future, she suggested that we should consider firstly a tour abroad and secondly a museum exhibition (Brighton in the holiday season?) with clubs all producing a folder containing their history
  • Kevin Hilliard had a number of suggestions to make and these included a corporate identity logo, business cards and letter headed paper, a tri-fold flyer to put in public places and Sport England recognition
  • recruit three new officers to deal with communication, press and development
  • new club start-up pack
  • John Price – stoolball must have a better coverage in all local papers next season
  • Kay Price – would like to see budgets set for each project so that we can get a better financial picture

14. Any other business

  • Shirley Reed asked if she could swap a Curtis Lloyd loan bats for one of Steep’s old club bats.
  • In the Wessex Friendly Group, the Cancer Tournament is being run by Stedham Stoolball Club on Sunday 2 September and the dress code is pyjamas. She asked for newsletter items which will be sent out via email where possible and via post where not. Kevin Hilliard asked if the registered coaches were sent NSA newsletters and was advised that they were not. He questioned whether their email addresses were available. Action: Kay Price

There being no further business to discuss, the meeting closed at 10.07pm.

Dates of further meetings

  • General Meeting on Sunday 23 September at Cowfold Sports Pavilion, 10.30am for 11am start
  • Officers’ meeting at 53 Kings Road, Horsham on Monday 29 October 2007, 7.30pm start
  • Annual General Meeting on Sunday 25 November 2007 at Cowfold Sports Pavilion, 10.30am for 11am start

Kay Price, 30 August 2007

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