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Stoolball in Thailand

Thursday 12 July 2007, 7.34pm

Last year Emily Wotton, Key Stage 4 Co-Ordinator at Beacon Community College in Crowborough, got an email from the British Council in Thailand. It asked if the school would be interested in designing a development plan aiming to improve or develop the physical education in Beacon’s link school, Satthassamut School. Emily sent us this account of what followed.

“With a couple of hours to spare I sat myself down at my computer and started typing. Having spent hours researching (or maybe 10 minutes) it was no surprise that stoolball had not yet reached Thailand. (I’m not sure if it’s even being taught North of Watford Gap!?)

“So there I began my plan. I started by explaining the rules and regulations of the game, followed by a six week scheme of work the school could introduce and any equipment they might need. I made sure to emphasize the benefits playing stoolball could bring, from not only keeping fit whilst having great fun, developing teamwork, leadership skills and gamesmanship but also it’s a great sport for improving pupils’ hand eye co-ordination. Needless to say Satthassamut were very interested.

“There was only one problem: how on Earth could they introduce the sport if they didn’t have the right equipment? Now my plan was really beginning to take shape. Perhaps the best way to really introduce stoolball would be if specialist PE teachers from Beacon could visit the school then they could take the equipment with them.

“So with my suitcases full, bats brought, balls donated by the East Division and sun tan lotion packed, I can’t wait to go on my travels, but most of all I can’t wait to spread the word of “stoolball” to the masses! Who knows, perhaps we’ll be meeting Thailand in the finals of the London 2012 Olympics?”

Emily has just returned from her trip and has promised to let us know how it went, so check back soon for an update.

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