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Saturday 30 April 2005, 11.49am

There has been a marvellous response to our request for old scorebooks. Kay Turner (nee Hitchcock) has turned out a box full of East Preston scorebooks going back to the 1950s.

Kay is still a member of East Preston Stoolball Club (near Rustington, West Sussex) and is also secretary of the Coastal League.

The East Preston club is over 100 years old and it was very exciting to receive not only the scorebooks, but also scorecards of games between Sussex and Kent, Surry and the Sussex Divisions, and between the Coastal League and Chanctonbury League. These scorecards are very similar to those produced at county cricket matches, and include the phrase: “this scorecard may not include the fall of the last wicket.” Very professional!

Amongst the memorabilia was a photo of the Sussex Ladies’ team that played against Kent at Tunbridge Wells in 1936. It includes Kay Turner’s mother Margery Hitchcock, and her father Les, who was the umpire.

The photo is mounted on a sheet signed in black ink by both teams, as well as what I can only assume to be the dignitaries, county officers or supporters of both teams. Canon H Masters and A Edgson Wright are among those who signed the Kent side, while the Sussex supporters include HR and ER White, M Newton, G and D Sinnett-Davies, PA Bartlett, HA Wentworth and A Edwards.

For the record, the teams were:

  • Kent: I Skinner, E Maddock, G Adams, MJ Tedham, EF Martin, BN Mottram, D Frost, V Cross, D Manktelow, E Waters, E Mitchell, M Faircloth and B Godly
  • Sussex: E Wentworth, H Kemp, M Blake, E Downing, W Fissey, K O’Keefe, M Dean, M Goldering, G Werry, M Hitchcock, J Wilcox, E Drew and L Hitchcock (umpire)

It is a tribute to all concerned that these signatures are clearly written. This photo was taken in 1936, so its subjects could have been born in the late 1890s or early 1900s, but are any of them around now? It you recognise any of the names above or are perhaps related then we would love to hear from you. Please phone 01403 252419 or email kay@….

Gill Hilliard plays for Angmering Stoolball Club and her father, Ray, sent another old photo. Ray used to live in Roffey but moved to Seaford with his wife shortly before retiring. He sent a picture of Ringmer Stoolball Club circa 1907 which appeared in the Sussex Express on 18 March 2005. It was sent to Daphne Hunt, President of the Sussex County Stoolball Association and lifelong member of Ringmer Stoolball Club, by a friend.

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