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25th Annual General Meeting date announced

Sunday 7 November 2004, 12.20pm

The 25th Annual General Meeting of the National Stoolball Association will be held at the Cowfold Sports Pavilion, Cowfold, Near Horsham, West Sussex, on Monday 29 November 2004 at 8pm.

Please notify all your league or association members of this date. Any league, association or club in membership may attend this meeting, but each affiliated body is entitled to one vote only.


  1. Chairman’s welcome
  2. Apologies for absence
  3. Minutes of the 24th Annual General Meeting
  4. Matters arising from those minutes
  5. Chairman’s report
  6. Treasurer’s report
  7. Revised constitution
  8. Election of officers
    • President (currently Rosemary Hobbs)
    • Chairman (currently John Price)
    • Vice-Chairman (currently Shirley Reed)
    • Honorary Secretary (currently Kay Price)
    • Honorary Treasurer (currently Peter Cheeseman)
    • A maximum of five officers to undertake specific roles (currently Richard Emsley and Melissa Mantle)
  9. Election of new Vice-Presidents (currently Ann Peck, Marian Stanbrook, John Pritchett, Delia Saunders, Brian Johnson, Margaret Childs and Mick Cawley)
  10. Independent examiner (currently Stoner, Cottingham of Horsham)
  11. Annual subscriptions (currently £10 associations/leagues, £5 individual clubs). No change proposed.
  12. Any other business
    • Suggestions for a venue for the Association’s pre-season convention in 2005.

Kay Price
Honorary Secretary, National Stoolball Aassociation

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