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Child protection courses

Sunday 30 March 2003, 12.49pm

Where leagues, clubs and members are directly involved in providing stoolball for children under the age of 18, it is recommended that arrangements are made fir them to attend a child protection course.

Many local authorities are now providing such courses and everybody involved in coaching, umpiring or even transporting children under the age of 18 should make efforts to attend one of these courses as soon as possible.

A phone call to your local council official should help you locate a course in your area. In the meantime the National Stoolball Association (NSA) will be looking into the possibility of providing its own courses if appropriate, and if qualified tutors can be identified.

The cost is generally about £20 per person and each course runs for about three hours.

Obviously if you already work for social services, are employed in a school or education environment, or work for the police you may well have already been on a child protection course as part of your in-house training.

Our advice is to see what is available locally and book yourself in. It is a certificated course and, as with first aid courses, needs to be updated every three years.

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