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Minutes of the 22nd Annual General Meeting

Sunday 25 November 2001, 12.59pm

The National Stoolball Association (NSA) met at Cowfold Sports Pavilion, Cowfold on Monday 26 November 2001 at 8pm.

1. Present

  • Mrs Rosemary Hobbs (President)
  • John Price (Chairman)
  • Mrs Shirley Reed (Vice-Chairman)
  • Mrs Kay Price (Honorary Secretary)
  • Mr Peter Cheeseman (Honorary Treasurer)
  • Mrs Jane Tickner (Education Officer)
  • Mr Mick Cawley (Sales Officer)
  • Mr Richard Emsley (Publicity/Marketing/Insurance Officer)

Leagues, associations and clubs represented:

  • Ashington Stoolball Club (Mrs Sheila Broad)
  • Hailsham Mixed League (Mr Nick Jenner)
  • Surrey Ladies’ Stoolball Association (Mrs Margaret Childs, Ms Gwyn Griffith, Mrs Judy Sherrington and Ms Jo Haynes)
  • Sussex County Stoolball Association (Mr and Mrs Barry Bertin, Mrs Daphne Hunt and Mrs Joy Mans)
  • West Kent Ladies’ Stoolball League: (Mr and Mrs Edward Keates)

2. Apologies for absence

  • Mrs Delia Saunders (Vice-President)
  • Mr Dave Brigden (Brighton & District Mixed)
  • Mrs Sue Verrall and Mr Dave Parks (Eastbourne Red Triangle)
  • Mrs Christine Puddick, Mrs Ros Preston, Mrs Peg Young (West Division, Sussex County Stoolball Association)
  • Mrs Gill Hemsley (Sussex County Stoolball Association representative)
  • Mrs Carole Brown (Mid Sussex Mixed)
  • Miss Fiona Kilfeather (Surrey Ladies Stoolball Association)

3. Chairman’s welcome

After welcoming all those present and thanking Jane Tickner for providing the refreshments, the Chairman asked the meeting to stand and remember with thanks the life of Jenny Laker of the Chanctonbury Stoolball League, who had died in September. He also asked that we remember Jenny’s husband Vic and their family.

Jenny had been the Chanctonbury League’s representative on the NSA and had played for Cowfold, Upper Beeding and Steyning. She had sadly died from a blood clot after a hip replacement operation.

4. Minutes of the 21st Annual General Meeting

Following a proposal by Gwyn Griffith which was seconded by Judy Sherrington, the minutes of the 21st Annual General Meeting were unanimously approved and signed as a true record.

5. Matters arising


The Chairman reported that Shirley Reed had volunteered to take on this role and thanked her for doing an excellent job.

Coaching Video

The Chairman reported that the video taken at the Expo Tournament at Sidley 4 years ago had now been located, but needed to be edited so that it could be used as a coaching/publicity vehicle. He asked for news of anyone who had video editing skills.

West Kent Ladies, issue about sides batting on after the game had been won

On being asked, Edward Keates reported that this issue had only been partially because of the importance attached to county batting averages.

A suggestion that batsmen should have their innings recorded as “Retired, not out” might help to solve the problem.

6. Chairman’s report

For the first time, the Chairman’s report had been produced in hard copy and circulated at the start of the meeting so that everybody had a record to take back to their constituent bodies.

The Chairman briefly commented on some of the issues raised in his report, but particularly highlighted the wealth of useful information that was being gathered from the ‘Players Age Distribution Survey’.

He also highlighted the financial benefits accruing to the National Rounders Association from their status as a “recognised” sport in the eyes of Sport England.

If the game of stoolball is to progress, it will be necessary to achieve similar “recognition”, but this will not happen until more people are prepared to offer their services, time, energy and skills to achieve it.

On the proposal of Edward Keates (West Kent Ladies) and seconded by Shirley Reed (Vice-Chairman and Steep Stoolball Club), the Chairman’s report was unamimously accepted.

7. Treasurer’s report

Having circulated the Annual Accounts before the meeting, the Treasurer, Peter Cheeseman, reported that the NSA’s finances were going from strength to strength.

Despite lower sales figures for the year, the Association showed a surplus of £1,116. He also reported that £8,000 had been moved into a Building Society Investment Account which produced 3% interest above current standard rates.

The Chairman thanked Peter for his excellent work. Acceptance of the Treasurer’s accounts was proposed by Rosemary Hobbs (President) and seconded by Barry Bertin (Sussex County Stoolball Association) and unanimously approved.

8. Election of officers

The following were elected to hold office for the forthcoming year:

  • President: Mrs Rosemary Hobbs (proposed by Margaret Childs, seconded by Mick Cawley)
  • Vice-presidents: Mrs Anne Peck (en bloc), Mrs Marion Stanbrook (proposed by Gwyn Griffith, Mr John Pritchett seconded),Rosemary Hobbs, Mrs Delia Saunders, Mr Brian Johnson, Mrs Margaret Childs
  • Chairman: Mr John Price (proposed by Nick Jenner, seconded by Gwyn Griffith)
  • Vice-chairman: Mrs Shirley Reed (proposed by Judy Sherrington, seconded by Joy Mans)
  • Honorary Secretary: Mrs Kay Price (proposed by Nick Jenner, seconded by Jenny Keates)
  • Honorary Treasurer: Mr Peter Cheeseman (proposed by Jo Haynes, seconded by Margaret Childs)
  • Sales Officer: Mr Mick Cawley (proposed by Rosemary Hobbs, seconded by Gwyn Griffith)
  • Publicity/Marketing/Insurance Officer: Mr Richard Emsley (proposed by Jenny Keates, seconded by Nick Jenner)
  • Coaching Development Officer: There were no nominations
  • Education Officer: Mrs Jane Tickner (proposed by Nick Jenner, seconded by Richard Emsley)

The meeting unanimously approved all the above positions.

9. Independent examiner

The Election of Stoner Cottingham as Independent Examiner was proposed by Peter Cheeseman, seconded by Jo Haynes and carried unanimously.

10. Rule change

On the proposal of the NSA Committee a change to the existing Rule 4 (c) Ball – Item 1 and 2, be made as follows to enable the National Rounders Association ball to be added to the list of NSA “approved” balls:

  • Weigh not less than 55gms (2 ozs) and not more than 85gms (3 ozs).
  • Measure not less than 175mm (7 ins) and not more than 197mm (7¾ ins) in circumference.

The motion was seconded by Nick Jenner and unanimously approved.

11. Annual subscriptions

On the proposal of the Honorary Treasurer and seconded by Edward Keates (West Kent Ladies), it was proposed that the annual subscription remain unchanged for the forthcoming season, ie: £10 for Associations/Leagues and £5 for individual clubs.

The motion was unanimously approved.

12. Any other business

National Rounders ball (NRA)

Nick Jenner (Hailsham Mixed League) said that he had found the NRA ball to be a very good one. He also felt that it would be beneficial to the NSA if the next stock of balls purchased from the NRA showed that the ball was also NSA approved.

The meeting agreed by a show of hands that this would be a good idea and that arrangements should be made for this to happen.

Stoolball records and memorabilia

John Price reminded the meeting that most of the stoolball archives held in the Barbican Museum at Lewes only went up to the 1940s and that there was an urgent need to have stoolball material covering the last 60 years.

As an example of the kind of material needed, John passed around some “double skinned” stoolballs and a very old scorebook which had been donated by Plumpton Stoolball Club.

He appreciated that memorabilia was a very personal thing and that many would be, understandably, reluctant to part company with material.

However, with modern scanning techniques he said it would be possible to copy and return material such as fixture cards and scorebooks. He asked all constituent bodies to see if they could provide archive material.

Personal Accident Insurance

Sheila Broad (Ashington Stoolball Club) asked if steps could be taken for the NSA to provide Personal Accident Insurance.

Richard Emsley reported that the matter was in hand and that he was pursuing, through Castlebank Insurance Brokers on behalf of Royal & Sun Alliance, a policy with a premium of as little as £50 provided at least 30 clubs could be persuaded to take part.

However, it was unlikely that cover would come into effect until April 2002.


Shirley Reed said she hoped to bring out another newsletter in the spring which would reflect all that was happening in the stoolball world.

In particular, she wanted to report on the junior (under 16) scene and asked if all clubs/counties could report their picture.

Edward Keates very kindly volunteered to run-off the next newsletter if paper could be provided.

NSA contribution at Surrey Ladies’ AGM

Gwyn Griffith thanked the Chairman and Honorary Secretary for the contributions they made at the recent Surrey Ladies’ AGM.

There being no further business, the meeting closed at 9.36pm.

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