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Coaching in schools

Stoolball England offers stoolball coaching for schools. Sessions can be during lesson time, lunch time or after school, and will typically lead to an all-day stoolball festival between the schools we’re coaching.

Our capacity to provide coaching is limited by the availability of funding, and by the number of volunteers we have to go into schools. We’re keen to expand the scheme, so please contact us if:

  • you’d like us to come to your school – we’ll try to organise something for you, either coaching or other help to get you playing stoolball
  • you’d like to volunteer to coach stoolball – we’ll give you all the training you need in coaching and first aid, and ensure you get all the necessary checks for working with children
  • you offer a coaching service for stoolball – when we don’t have the capacity ourselves, we’ll be happy to promote your service to schools.