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Insurance – a MUST for every club

There are two types of stoolball insurance you should consider. Every club should ensure it is covered by a Civil Liability insurance policy – this is essential as the cost of a legal claim can be very expensive. Personal Accident insurance is an optional extra which your members can choose to take out if they are not already covered by another policy.

Civil Liability Insurance – a MUST for every club

We all know that going to court can be very expensive. Even a solicitor’s letter can take you well into double figures, but did you know that if your club is sued for damages every single member of the club would be liable?

So if someone hits a ball out of your ground and causes a fatal road accident, a comparatively modest court award of £100,000 could cost your members nearly £10,000 each. It could mean having to sell your house – a frightening thought, isn’t it?

Whether it’s a loose floorboard in the pavilion, something in the refreshments, or by a ball hitting a member of the public walking near the ground, Civil Liability Insurance protects your club, and that means its members, from the damages arising out of any action for which your club could be held to be liable.

Stoolball England has worked with insurance consultants to obtain extra benefits for all the clubs and associations which have this insurance. The cover includes:

  • civil liability arising out of injury to any person (excluding persons employed)
  • civil liability in respect of loss or damage to third party property
  • civil liability in respect of nuisance and trespass
  • civil liability in respect of libel and/or slander committed in good faith
  • civil liability arising out of advice, tuition or coaching provided by any member of your club. This covers all umpires, scorers and coaches.
  • civil liability for your social events, with just one exception – if your club has a firework display the insurance will not cover that.

The renewal of the master policy issued to Stoolball England is due on 1 April each year. A separate policy usually costs over £100. If you share in Stoolball England’s master policy the cost to your club is £41, providing £10 million of cover.

Summary of insurance cover (PDF, 184k)

Personal Accident Insurance

All stoolballers know that accidents can and do happen and that they can mean hardship for club members and their families. Insurance protection isn’t expensive, and many clubs are now able to help their members after an accident.

The premium for personal accident insurance is £2.50 per club member plus a £5 administration charge.

Note that cover for damage to spectacles and dentures, which was previously part of this policy, is now included in the civil liability policy.

Summary of insurance cover (PDF, 184k)

How do you take out this insurance?

Complete the form below and send it with your cheque for the premium made payable to Stoolball England to:

Michael Ledwich
49 Bolters Road South

The premium and cover are subject to confirmation by the insurers on receipt of your form.

Form: Application for stoolball insurance (Word, 145k)