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Oxshott (Ladies)

Part of Oxshott Village Sports Club.

This team's colours are: green and white.

When and where

This team plays at Oxshott Village Sports Club, Oxshott.

Our practices and home matches are on Wednesdays.

Matches this season

  • Oxshott v South Park Ladies6.30pm today
  • Oxshott v South Park Ladies6.30pm this Monday
  • South Park Ladies v Oxshott6.30pm, Tuesday 13 May
  • Charlwood Ladies v Oxshott6.30pm, Monday 2 June
  • Oxshott v Charlwood Ladies6.30pm, Monday 30 June
  • Oxshott v South Park Ladies6.30pm, Wednesday 2 July

Surrey Ladies Stoolball Association Knockout Cup

Surrey Ladies Stoolball Association, A League

Surrey Ladies Stoolball Association, B League

Contact details

Lois Lodge
Tower Hill

Phonel: 01306 885250
Email: loislodge@…

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